Grilled Sandwiches with Insane Cheese Pull at 52 Sandwich Shack

Love yourself a good grilled cheese sandwich? 52 Sandwich Shack recently officially opened their first outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre, alongside KOKI’s famous Shuu aka Choux Puffs. Serving up an assortment of savory grilled sandwiches from the original 52 Grilled Cheese to Yakiniku Pulled Pork and even a vegetarian option of Mushroom and Truffle, each sandwich is packed filled with quality ingredients at an affordable price point. All the sandwiches are made with brioche bread as well as it is more buttery compared to other types of bread, complementing the warm gooey cheese in each sandwich.
52 Grilled Cheese ($6.90)
After 52 experiments of different cheese combinations, Chef Daniel; the head chef at 52 Sandwich Shack, finally managed to find the perfect combination that is most suited to local taste preferences while ensuring the cheese is not too overpowering. The 52 Grilled Cheese layers three different types of cheese; Cheddar, being everyone’s favorite cheese, mozzarella, for that stretchy pull of cheese, and fontina, a swiss cheese that is not too overpowering but instead balances out the entire combination.
With just the right amount of cheese, it was not too overwhelming and will be a good option if you do not want something too heavy on the stomach, as it does not contain meat. Best recommended to eat when it is still warm as it tastes best then. (And is also the most picture-worthy with the cheese pull!)
Sliced Beef with Onsen Egg ($11.90)
Next up was the sliced beef sandwich with an onsen egg on the side, as a dipping sauce. Marinated and cooked shabu-shabu style, the sliced wagyu beef was cooked to tender perfection and topped with balsamic onions and their special triple cheese combination (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Fontina) before it is placed in the griller. While the taste of the beef on its own is not very flavorful, the balsamic onions and onsen egg brings out the aroma of the beef and the ingredients complements each other thoroughly.
Yakiniku Pulled Pork ($8.90)
This was the game-changer. If you prefer a stronger and more intense flavour to your sandwich, the Yakiniku Pulled Pork is right up your alley. The pulled pork, that is sous-vide overnight, is first layered on the brioche, followed by a layer of pickles to balance out the heaviness of the pork and lastly finished off with their triple cheese (Fontina, Cheddar, Mozzarella). Amongst the three options of sandwich we tried, this stood out the most, due to the flavorful punch you get with each bite of the sandwich. The generous portion of pulled pork is very well marinated with their homemade yakiniku sauce that is further absorbed by the bread, intensifying the flavor with each bite. The layer of pickles is not too sour-ish such that it spoils the sandwich overall taste, instead it cuts through the sauce and compliments the meat, preventing it from becoming too rich and heavy on the palette. It also has a slightly sweeter aftertaste as compared to the savoury aftertaste of the rest of the sandwich options available.
Make it a set by adding on $3.50 to get a Capi drink together with a choice of side order. There is a total of 5 side dishes that you can choose from, firstly a tomato ceviche with wafu dressing, a side baby spinach salad with their in-house dressing made from shallots and ginger, an onsen egg, potato salad and lastly a corn salad.
Priced affordably from $6.90 to $11.90, each sandwich is packed filled with quality ingredients that will satisfy and keep your tummies happy all day, making it the perfect comfort food.
Address: 252 North Bridge Road
#B1-54 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Opening Hours:
10AM – 10PM daily
Contact: +65 6920 2922

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