Your Favourite Toblerone, M&M's, Twix & Daim Chocolate Bars Also Come In Ice Cream Form!

What’s with companies turning their candies and chocolates into ice creams? We’re not really complaining though, as ice cream is a real good way to cool off in this never-ending summer heat. Which is why we got dragged back in when we found our chocolate bars that got turned into ice creams!
ice cream-8071
Here’s all the chocolate-y goodness you’re in for!
 1. Toblerone 
You won’t be able to mistake the triangle slab of chocolate-covered ice cream for any other chocolate than Toblerone. The huge triangle is filled with milky chocolate and honey ice cream, and you’ll be greeted with nougat, almond bits and even more honey in every bite.
ice cream-8195
We already knew that it was going to be a winning recipe for an ice cream, but can you just imagine having a bite of this on a really hot day when you’re just craving something sweet and cold? We need this in our corner mini-marts!
A four-pack costs $9.95 and is now available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets.
2. Peanut M&Ms 
ice cream-8125
Mars has turned one of their beloved flavors into an ice lolly, and it already sounds exciting. The nutty ice cream is covered in a shell of chocolate peppered with colorful crispy M&M candied bits.
m and m ice creams
There aren’t any whole nuts in it, and the ice cream tastes more like icy peanut butter – peanut butter lovers will definitely love this.
A four-pack costs $9.95 and is now available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets.
3. Twix Ice Cream 
ice cream-8096
When it comes to similarity, the Twix ice cream bar wins hands down. The ice cream bar looks exactly like a stick of Twix, and it tastes like how I imagined a frozen Twix would taste like. Instead of a biscuit wafer, a block of vanilla ice cream is drizzled in caramel and the whole bar is encased in rich Twix chocolate.
ice cream-8165
The hidden surprise came in forms of crunchy biscuit balls that made the Twix a perfect sweet treat for a cold day. They could have put in more crunchy Twix balls though for that true Trix experience, but it was still pretty damn good by itself.
A six-pack costs $9.95 and is now available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets.
4. Daim Ice Cream
ice cream-8151
Daim’s released their own individual sticks of ice cream inspired by their signature chocolate bar! The caramel ice cream covered in thick, rich chocolate and is full of Daim bits and nuts. My first thought was that the taste was comparable to Magnum’s Almond Ice Cream, which makes perfect sense since their are both made with crunchy almonds in the chocolate shell. The Daim Ice Cream is slightly sweeter as the ice cream isn’t vanilla, but blended with caramel for a faint sweet finish. From my wallet’s point of view, the Daim Ice Cream is certainly a slightly cheaper and equally tasty alternative to Magnum Ice Cream that costs $10.90 for 3.
A four-pack costs $9.95 and is now available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets.
On a side note, Kinder Bueno is also releasing three different ice creams inspired by the chocolate bars later this year too. While reports say that the new ice cream range only be released in France, we’re predicting that they’ll probably come here soon. Till then, we’ll be snacking on our Twix ice cream bars.

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