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IKEA S’pore has Lobster Laksa Spaghetti, Meat-Free Meatballs and More Till 31 May 2020

IKEA treats are always a delight, whether it’s their meatballs or Daim cakes. Look forward to more delicious meals from now till 31 May 2020, as the furniture giant has rolled out a new food menu available at all IKEA restaurant branches (except for halal items that will only be available at Tampines). 

Here’s what to expect: 

Half Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti, $14.90 

Source: IKEA

There’s no word on what kind of lobster this is and where the lobster is from, however $14.90 for half a lobster sounds like a pretty good deal, considering a whole lobster can go up to the high $60s. This dish is also slathered with laksa sauce, which makes for an interesting localised take. 

Baked Rosemary with Chicken Whole Leg with Mashed Potato, $7.90

Source: IKEA

You can never go wrong with a wholesome chunk of chicken leg with some mash and broccoli. 

Chicken Cutlet with Aglio Olio, $7.90 (HALAL)

Source: IKEA

We don’t see any sauce on this plate of Aglio Olio; we sure hope it isn’t dry. Top up $2.60 to enjoy a slice of cheesecake! 

12pcs Veggie Ball with Couscous and Sour Cream, $6.50 for 12pcs

Source: IKEA

Meat-free pals, there’s something for you. These meatballs are the vegetarian version of IKEA’s Swedish meatballs. But instead of mashed potatoes and broccoli, this version comes with couscous and sour cream. 

Swedish Apple Cake, $2.50

Source: IKEA

We’re curious what this one tastes like.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, $4 (HALAL)

Source: IKEA

More dessert won’t hurt, especially if it’s chocolate cake.

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