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Japanese-inspired French Pastry and a Private Dome Dining Experience!

Housed within an iconic premier retail mall, along Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, Flor Patisserie is a Japanese-styled bake shop serving authentic Japanese-inspired French pastry. Prided for utilizing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced from countries like Japan, Belgium, France, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, Flor Patisserie is best known for their selection of predominantly fruit-centric desserts that are light in flavour.

Pronounced ‘Fu-ro-ru’, Flor is the Portuguese word for flower, and the brand aims to embody the delicate balance of nature and beauty. Presenting their cakes as flowers in a garden, Flor encourages guests to taste a varied selection, as though adorning the table with an assembly bouquet of edible flowers.

With the elimination of artificial stabilizers, agents, preservatives, and baking powder, Flor Patisserie is characterized by an array of fluffy yet moist offerings, achieved through the natural aeration of eggs being whipped, the careful emulsification of melted butter through the expert folding action of the chefs’ hands, and the precise timing and temperature of baking in the oven.

Set within a bright and airy, open concept space, the café facilitates an abundance of natural light and showcases a myriad of plant fixtures, alongside their specialty selection of scrumptious desserts.

Outside, Flor extends into four dome shaped private dining areas. Numbered five to nine, these picturesque, air-conditioned domes feature plush furnishing in the form of sofas, table sets, romantic lighting, portable pianos, and of course the greenest flora and fauna one can find.

Complete with a series of signature pastries in the form of a Strawberry Shortcake, and the Roll and Yuzu Strawberry Tart, Flor Patisserie also offers seasonal cakes in a limited quantity, such as the Tofu Chiffon which changes flavour every two months. As part of an effort to ensure all customers receive the highest quality of cakes, all fresh cream pastries that are not sold at the end of the day are disposed of – as such, I unfortunately was unable to taste quite a few.

Strawberry Souffle

However, the two that I had the honour of sampling were truly remarkable. Dubbed the ‘Strawberry Souffle’, this $8.90 cheesecake is lightly baked and consists of rich egg yolk, painstakingly hand-kneaded into cream cheese to ensure smooth consistency. Topped by ripe red strawberries and piquant blueberries, the Strawberry Souffle is known to melt effortlessly in one’s mouth, while its creamy texture pairs perfectly with the café’s hot Houjicha tea, worth $7 per pot.

The Sophie

On the other hand, the $9.50 ‘Sophie’ is a grapefruit, fromage blanc, crème d’amandes tart, with fruit jam, and white wine. Significantly more dense in comparison to the Strawberry Souffle, this dessert is for adults only!

Located at the Capitol Piazza, Flor Patisserie operates from Tuesdays-Thursday, at 11am-7pm, and Fridays-Sunday at 11am-8pm. Interested guests who wish to book the private dining area, will be required to make their reservation at least 2 days in advance, with a minimum spend of $20 for a 1.5hour dining experience.


Flor Patisserie

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-11, Singapore 178905

Hours: (Tuesday-Thursday): 11am-7pm, and (Friday-Sunday): 11am-8pm


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