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Japanese-Inspired Strawberry and Mango Sandwiches For Delivery!

(Image by @yongweikai on Instagram)

In light of Phase 2 restrictions, this quaint Japanese-inspired bakery tucked away from the busy streets of Novena, is now offering a dedicated pre-order menu of specially curated snack buns, toasted breads, French breads, croissants, sandwiches, toothsome treats, and a variety of mains from their original dine-in selection.

(Image by @yongweikai on Instagram)

Available for takeaway and delivery, the all-new Kamome Bakery menu is set to showcase innovative and unique items such as the $5.20 Strawberry and Mango sandwiches, $4.90 Creamy Crab snack bun, $6.20 Kinpira Chicken croissant-sandwich, the $2.60 Mentaiko French bread, $3.20 Red Bean and Butter French bread, $3.90 Potato and Bacon French bread, the $3.70 Teriyaki Chicken Pizza snack, $4.30 Apple Earl Grey croissant, and $4.30 Red Bean croissant, amongst a multitude of others!

Complete with a variety of drinks in the form of $2.50 Milk Coffee, Apple Juice, and Mixed Fruit, alongside a $4.90 Flat White, and $3.90 Americano, the Kamome Bakery’s original dine-in selection for pre-order include the $10.90 Kamome Breakfast, $14.90 Teriyaki Burger, and $17.90 Avocado Wasabi Burger.

Available for pre-order up to a day in advance, any time from 8am to 3pm, Kamome Bakery is now accepting DBS PayNow as its official pre-order payment method. To order simply, Send the below info to Kamome via WhatsApp or Instagram DM – 

1.Your name

2.Contact number

3.Collection date and estimate time

4.Item name and order quantity. Please indicate the sub-number of each item in each picture. E.g. B1-Pork cutlet ←B1 is the sub-number for Pork cutlet*

5. Proof of payment

To make payment in advance, scan the DBS PayNow QR code and snap a screenshot of your successful transaction.

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