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Gourmet Crème Brulée Cheesecake and Red Velvet Bubble Teas For Islandwide Delivery!

Serving up an array of decadent cookies, premium bubble tea, and rich indulgent pies all baked and made ‘with love and sweets’, Black Dot Sweet Provisions is an online gourmet dessert and beverage shop which originally began from a small airport kiosk in Singapore. Conceptualised with an aim to cater to the tastes of sweet-loving travelers from around the world, the shop now presents a variety of unique items with rich flavours, crafted for your indulgence.

Beyond $9.50 Triple Chocolate Fromage Cheesecakes, and $12 Champagne Cherry Cheesecakes, Black Dot Sweet Provisions is best known for their innovative take on bubble tea. Showcasing a multitude of distinct flavours from Crème Brulée Cheesecake, to Birthday Cake, and Red Velvet, these luxurious sweet teas come complete with miniature brown sugar pearls, for a total of $7 each.

Available now for islandwide delivery with a minimum spend of $35, not including the $9 transportation fee, Black Dot Sweet Provisions is offering free delivery for all orders of cookies, bubble teas, pies, and cakes, over $50.


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