Jeffrey Koh, Founder of FLABSLAB
The SHOUT Conversation series are short lifestyle videos created with the intentions of inspiring creativity and passion pursuing through personal storytelling.

Basking under a toy retail empire is what Jeffrey Koh’s manifestation of pursuing his passion. With their unique designs, paintings and sculptures, FLABSLAB – “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” emanates creativity, quirkiness and an almost eternal child-like quality. Taking off since 2011, FLABSLAB has toyed with their creativity and have even extended the joy of their art to many establishments in Singapore. One of these endeavours include their stone lion figures in 2013 – featuring their own take on the Chinese guardian lions which gathered bounteous praise and response, a sure sign of their gaining traction abreast their initiative and creativity.

Jeffrey’s FLABSLAB project emits, but more importantly believes in, powerful pop-culture vibes that incorporate and cater to different taste and preferences of the general audience – truly a foundation worth checking out.

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