LA Barbershop at Novena Square – A complete bespoke grooming experience for men
A brand new men’s salon, LA Barbershop, has recently opened it’s first outlet in Novena Square offering affordable grooming services for the gents.
LA Barbershop 1
LA Barbershop 2
LA Barbershop 3
Located on the second level of the mall beside EC House, the spanking new barbershop boasts a retro hipster interior recreating a 60s barbershop vibe with modern accents. The cosy space is decorated with eye-catching ornaments and thoughtful designs that help maximise the use of space. Don’t be too surprised when you see the countertops in front of the barber chairs conveniently unfold into wash basins for the authentic experience of washing and rinsing one’s hair with your head down. Customers can also enjoy a cup of Nespresso while waiting to be groomed.
LA Barbershop 4
LA Barbershop 5
LA Barbershop 5
The salon offers a range of services that span from bespoke haircuts and shaves, facial and shoulder massages to cater to other halves that are tagging along, and most interestingly, ear cleaning! Yes you heard right, and they take the task very seriously. Using a total of 8 tools to complete the task, the 15 minute ear cleaning process begins with a thorough ear accessment, before moving on to a series of feathering, stroking and even ear tingling methods to prepare and relax the receiver for the excavation. Some of the more intriguing tools used in this cleaning process are made of horse’s tail, peacock feathers and goose down, which are all thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each use.
LA Barbershop 6
LA Barbershop 7
A private and cosy place, LA Barbershop can only accomodate in 2 customers at a go so if you are thinking of paying the salon a visit, do call in advance and make an appointment with them to avoid disappointment.
LA Barbershop’s services and prices are as follows:
LA Barbershop
Address: 238 Thomson Road, Velocity@Novena Square, #02-02, Singapore 307683.
Contact: 69044311
Operating hours: 10:30 AM to 9:20 PM daily

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