Local Instagrammers with Amazing Architectural Feed

Singapore’s Architectural scene displays a range of styles influenced by designs from all over the world. With this rise in modern architecture, local Instagrammers have crafted vast and not to mention breathtaking architectural visuals that will satiate your wanderlust. Their concept of creativity and photography effortlessly invites a new perspective. We have rounded up 7 local Instagrammers with amazing architectural feeds that will take you somewhere else

Concocting visuals you would never imagine of buildings you wouldn’t otherwise notice, we take a peek into the feeds of seven local Instagrammers. Quell your wanderlust with us as we take you on a journey through a stunning array of photographs, sure to offer a fresh perspective on Singapore’s Architectural scene.

1. Darren Soh (@darrensohphoto)

With humanistic perspective and angles, and the use of Singapore’s ever-sunny disposition to capture his shots, Darren’s Instagram feed is filled with perfectly contrasted architectures that hit home the hearts of Singaporeans.



2. RJ (@rj.zheng)

Let calmness envelop you as this Instagram encompasses and utilises the concept of minimalism. RJ captures architectures that entail distinct lines of symmetry to convey his artistic vision. 



3. Jeryl (@j9ryl)

This Instagram feed screams colours and symmetrical patterns. Spirals and angles litter his feed that once more brings new altitude to architectural visuals. Steady hands develop this craft and curation.



4. Jonathan (@jm24travelz)

Deviating from Singapore’s architectural scene, Jonathan’s Instagram feed also consists of his travelling shots of architecture in foreign space. The contrast balance makes for authentic and visual delight.



5. Charles Wong (@charleswkc)

What makes this Instagram feed special are the futuristic sensations that emanate from every photograph. Mesmerising is the word to describe this feed.

6. Ryan Sng (@ryanmamba)

Capturing his photographs from heights and vantage points never thought possible is what mostly makes Ryan Sng’s feed especially intriguing. The curated photographs here similarly employ an artful function of clarity that will appeal to people who like far-removed shots of nature.



7. Simon Ong (

Yet another local Instagrammer that employs symmetry and Minimalism as it’s concept, Simon’s adventure around Singapore’s architectural buildings will leave you thinking whether this is the country in which we indeed inhabit. 



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