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Market Valley Is A Hipster Sandwich Cafe Near Clarke Quay That Now Serves Affordable Afternoon Tea Sets For Just $25/Pax

A value-for-money afternoon tea set in Singapore
Market Valley6
For many of us, afternoon tea is simply a fancy, luxurious “to do” – nothing more, because the exorbitant prices for bite-sized morsels just doesn’t seem to sit right with our wallets.
Market Valley1
But tucked away amongst shophouses on the outskirts of Clarke Quay is Market Valley, a hole-in-the-wall sandwich cafe that’s bringing to us their new and affordable afternoon tea sets at just $50 for 2 pax. Set to launch on 5th April, here’s what you can expect:
Victorian-inspired afternoon tea
Market Valley7
With 3 layers in total, Market Valley’s afternoon tea set comes with 4 savouries, 2 scones, and 4 sweets per person. There’ll also be a refillable pot of English Breakfast Tea, complete with milk, sugar, and even a tea cosy to keep your cuppa warm!
Market Valley8
Dig into snack-sized and canapé versions of their usual sandwich selection at the bottom layer, which includes the Classic BLT, Egg Mayo, Truffle Cheese Mushroom and Smoked Salmon Bagel.
Market Valley5
Each sandwich is freshly baked in-house with flour imported all the way from France, but special mention goes to the unassuming Egg Mayo. Surprisingly tangy, it was a very refreshing twist from what some would consider to be overly cloying!
Market Valley10
When you’re done working your way up to the middle tier, you’ll find homemade scones, both plain and fruity, complete with raspberry jam and clotted cream – just like how the Brits do it.
Baked to a golden brown shade, the scones are crispy on the outside, but firm and dense on the inside. If it gets a little too dry for you, spread on some light and creamy clotted cream and you’ll be all set.
Market Valley3
And of course, waiting at the top layer will be the desserts, which are all imported from France. While the variety will change approximately once every 2 weeks, you can expect eclairs, macarons, tiramisu, and raspberry mousse cake for now!
Salad bowls to make your guilty pleasure a little healthier
Market Valley9
While Market Valley might be a sandwich cafe, they also serve salad bowls, which they pride themselves on greatly. For those of you who feel guilty indulging in their hearty afternoon tea set, go ahead and get yourself a bowl of greens for that healthy balance!
With the goal of keeping each bowl tasty, fun, and nutritious in mind, each salad comes with 1 grain, 1 protein, 1 crunch, and essential minerals. If you’re undecided on what to get, opt for the Gaia Bowl ($10.50), which is their bestseller.
Market Valley11
Made with avocado, spiced chickpeas, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, kale, and topped off with some cashew nuts and a poached egg, it’s not just a feast for the eyes with its assortment of colours, but also a delightful mixture of taste and textures!
Eat classy before partying at Clarke Quay
Market Valley2
So mark your calendars for Market Valley’s afternoon tea set launch! Apart from being able to strike off “afternoon tea” from your to-do list, it’s also a great way for first-timers to try their range of sandwiches all at once.
Plus, the set is surprisingly hearty, which gives you more bang for your buck as well – if you and your friends have small appetites, you can share the set, and the bill, with more than just 2 people!
Here’s an added bonus – We are  holding a giveaway on Instagram (@SHOUT.SG) for 1 afternoon tea set (for 2 pax) from 27th – 31st March, and all you’ll have to do to participate is to:
1) Follow and @marketvalley_ on Instagram
2) Tag your friends in the comment section here.
The lucky winner will be announced on Sunday, 31st March! Do take note that the set is only available from 2PM – 6PM.
Market Valley4
Address: 222 River Valley Road, Singapore 238280
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10AM – 8PM | Sat: 8AM – 4AM
Telephone: 6732 1193

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