The World’s First-Ever Tokidoki Themed Cafe Is Launching In Singapore And It Has Giant Cotton Candy Drinks And Limited Edition Merchandises

Tokidoki pop-up at Kumoya Cafe

Having taken the world by storm since 2005, Tokidoki is a brand that has a cult-like following – and it’s coming right here to Singapore in the form of a pop-up at Kumoya Cafe, cutesy characters and all.
The first in the world, the Tokidoki-themed cafe will be launching on 29th March. Be prepared to be transported into a world of Tokidoki when inside – the bright and colourful characters cover every inch of the walls and tables, and you can find floaties and plushies resting on the seats, and hanging from the ceiling.
Needless to say, the menu is Tokidoki-themed as well, and specially curated and styled with the help of popular food stylist, Shirley Wong, also known as Little Miss Bento.

Recommended dishes to try

Tokidoki3Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice

If you’re a fan of sushi, dig into mains like the Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice ($24.90). Adorable Moofia characters are printed on the sushi-sandwich, and the grilled unagi center is generously slathered with teriyaki sauce.
For those of you who are more of a burger lover, opt for the SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger ($23.90)! Crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, the chicken katsu patty is coated with a layer of sweet teriyaki sauce, and comes with a side of salted egg yolk bun, garden salad, and hand-cut fries.

Tokidoki16SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger

If you’re popping by during tea-time and don’t have the appetite to stomach a proper meal, not to worry – the cafe serves snacks as well!

Tokidoki10Karaage Chicken with Shoyu Glaze

Go for the Karaage Chicken with Shoyu Glaze ($12.90) that’s fried to perfection and served with a generous amount of homemade shoyu glaze dip, or give the Onion Rings ($10.90) a try – it’s a new addition to Kumoya’s menu, and is made with real onions that are served nicely crisped and golden brown.

Tokidoki15Onion Rings

To end off your meal on a sweet note, order the Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait ($23.90) and the Dolce Pretty-in-Pink Berries Sponge Cake ($18.90), which are both a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Tokidoki6Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait

Tokidoki13Dolce Pretty-in-Pink Berries Sponge Cake

They both come with a fluffy cloud of cotton candy on the side, along with strawberry-flavoured rainbow wafer sticks. Plus, every order of a Unicorno Parfait will get you a free Peperino or Marea plushie keychain worth $9.90!

photo1Peperino and Marea plushie keychain

Tokidoki14Donutella’s First Love! Strawberry Cheese Frappe ($17.90)

As for drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Tokidoki Cafe as well. Choose from creamy frappes, non-alcoholic mojitos, and lattes – every frappe comes with a limited edition Donutella floatie, and the Nojitoes and iced lattes are served with an exclusive coaster that’s yours to keep as well!

Tokidoki12Limited edition Tokidoki coasters

The star of the show, however, is none other than the Unicorno Cotton Candy ($17.90), which has a massive cloud of candy floss sitting atop a gorgeous mix of pastel pink strawberry Calpis and purple butterfly pea tea!

Tokidoki8Unicorno Cotton Candy

Merchandises to bag home
Fans of Tokidoki will also be able to browse through a wide array of merchandises such as baseball caps, badges, keychains, and collectible toys, with prices ranging from $9.90 to $89.90.
Here’s the highlight – the cafe will also have a range of cafe-exclusive plushies that cannot be found elsewhere, so head down early if you want to get your hands on them before they run out of stock!

Tokidoki2Cafe-exclusive plushies

The small ones are going for $9.90, and the medium ones are selling for $29.90.

Mark your calendars for Tokidoki Cafe’s launch

With everything being so photo-worthy, from their cheery decor, to their tasty Japanese-inspired dishes, and even the life-sized Little Terror figurine that’s right outside the cafe’s entrance, Tokidoki Cafe is worth a visit – doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or just someone who’s simply looking for a new cafe to explore!
Address: Kumoya Cafe, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Opening Hours: Tues – Thurs, Sun: 12PM – 9.30PM | Fri & Sat: 12PM – 10.30PM
Pop-up Duration: 29th March – End June 2018

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