McD’s Has Quietly Launched A New Choco Wonderland McFlurry With Crunchy Coco Pops!

The chocolatey goodness was available since 6th Dec

Choco Wonderland McFlurry (2)

On 6th December, McDonald’s launched their brand new Angus BLT and brought back the crowd-favourite Angus Mushroom Supreme. Unbeknownst to many, they also released a new Choco Wonderland McFlurry ($3) without much fanfare, but we’re not surprised why – it sounds so amazing it might have easily overshadowed the BLT.
Think creamy vanilla soft serve drizzled with a generous amount of hot fudge sauce and topped with extra chunks of chocolate dips and crispy coco pops – it’s basically a breakfast-like dessert for every chocolate lover out there!

Choco Wonderland McFlurry (1)

Available only for a limited time period at all outlets islandwide, locate your nearest McDonald’s here.

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