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M&M, Chips Ahoy & Butterfinger Popcorn Are Available At FairPrice Finest!

We’ve recently introduced the Cookie Pop’s Popcorn Oreo. Little did we know, there are 3 other unique popcorn flavours that are also available at NTUC – M&M’s, Chips Ahoy and Butterfinger popcorn!


These M&M’s popcorn definitely add colours and crunch to your snack!


Chips Ahoy Popcorn is also another highly raved-about popcorn from Cookie Pop! Made with real Chips Ahoy! Cookie pieces, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the sweet chocolate chips that come with each bite!


If you are a fan of peanut butter, this Butterfinger popcorn might just be a great snack for you! Each bite is packed with a myriad of flavours from the salted popcorn, chocolate and creamy peanut butter, and some overseas reviewers described it as “a party in your mouth”!


Cookie/Candy Pop popcorn snacks can be found at selected FairPrice Finest for S$7.50/packet. Cookie/Candy Pop also has flavours that are currently only available in the US, such as Snickers and Twix candy bar. We can only hope that our local supermarkets will bring in these flavours to our shores soon!

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