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[NEW] Fire Pit by Burn – Singapore’s First Fire Pit-Only Kitchen!

Promising a Mediterranean experience like no other, this all-new restaurant along 69 Kampong Bahru Road is Singapore’s first eatery to cook with an open Fire Pit. Aptly named ‘Fire Pit’, this restaurant prides itself in being the best place to unwind after a long and exhausting day in the sun. Featuring good food, drinks, and music, Fire Pit invites you to drop by for quality Mediterranean Woodfired food and in-house specialty drinks, during lunch from 11am, 27th April onwards!

Characterised by dim-lighting, extensive sofas, and a rocky-interior of exposed-concrete-and-stone-lined walls, Fire Pit lies nestled within the Blair Plain conservation area along Kampong Bahru Road, and showcases both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Maintaining the areas ‘Early Shophouse’ style from the 1880s, Fire Pit strives to maintain and add to the area’s rich history from the colonial times, with its minimal set-up and European-inspired ambience.

Indulge in the restaurant’s most notable $34 Crab Claw, complete with easy-to-crack shells, green pepper, thai basil, olive oil, and amazingly sweet meat, which is smoked over a woodfired oven. Other offerings include the $32 Rib of Fire which showcases smoked short ribs, paired with avo chimichurri and crispy fried onion; the $25 vegan Artichoke Flowers which are carefully grilled in the restaurant’s woodfired oven in order to create the perfect exterior char whilst maintaining an extremely juicy interior; and the succulent $26 Yabby Delight – a woodfired oven-smoked crayfish served with thai herbs, spices, and burnt lemon.


Fire Pit by Burn

Address: 69 Kampong Bahru Road,Singapore 169372

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sat): 5pm-10pm, Timings are subject to change from 27th April 2021 onwards.

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