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New Mexican Grill and Bar With a Wood-Fired Rotisserie!

Representing the culmination of Chef Travis Masiero’s intense reverence and respect for the Mexican culture, the Nixta grill and bar on 116 Amoy Street, promises a vast array of stylish, alcoholic concoctions, and a meticulously curated selection of classic Mexican cuisine, cooked to perfection.

Showcasing a homely interior, Nixta is characterized by warm wooden tones, clean lines, smooth finishes, and plush furnishing in the form of cushioned benches. Complete with a dark wood bar top and matching high chairs, Nixta is a gourmet experience best lived in-person.

With meats roasting over an open fire, salsas made by hand in volcanic stone molcajetes, alongside fresh masa ground and cooked in its traditional method on the comal, Nixta’s philosophy is not rooted in authenticity but in the pleasure of intention and deliciousness that defines Mexican cooking.

(Top left to right: Guacamole Nixta $20, Especial Margarita $22), (Bottom: Tlayuda de la Casa $20)

Through nixtamalizing and grinding non-genetically modified corn from small Mexican farm holds, Nixta prides itself in giving back to the local community, whilst providing organically, flavorful ingredients.

(Kurobuta Pork Belly Al Pastor II $52)

Centered by a wood-fired rotisserie, the restaurant’s open-concept kitchen is where most of the magic happens. Accredited for providing the sense of soulfulness present in the restaurant’s cuisine and overall ambience, Nixta’s kitchen and bar were inspired by the ancient traditions of Mexico’s past.


Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar

Address: 116 Amoy St, Singapore 069936

Opening Hours:

(Mon-Wed): 12pm – 3pm, and 6pm – 10:30pm

(Thurs-Sat): 12pm – 10:30pm

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