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New SECRET Instagram Menu! Unlock Old School Icons With This Hidden Trick

Instagram has brought back all of its retro icons from previous revamps, including the familiar brown polaroid icon from 10 years ago! To celebrate its 10th birthday, the photo-sharing app has included a secret menu Easter Egg in its latest update. Read on to find out how it works.


You’ve probably seen the new icons on the stories of eagle-eyed friends by now. Not only has the app relaunched all of its older icons, but they’ve also included a new list of colour schemes like Twilight (blue and purple), Sunrise (orange and yellow), Aurora (blue and green), Gold, three different monochrome variations, and even a special rainbow icon for LGBTQ pride.

To access the secret menu, simply go to the setting page and pull the screen down. You’ll see a series of emojis followed by a shower of confetti that unlocks the hidden page.

Which of the colours will you be using? Let us know!

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