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Now-Defunct Secondary School Repurposed Into Canteen-Concept Dining Space and Urban Farm!

Located in the now-defunct Henderson Secondary School, City Sprout is a local urban farming space run by farming enthusiasts and experts, and there is even a canteen-concept F&B area! Hop onto this journey to this unassuming former-campus-turned dining haven hidden in the heartlands!

This dining space at City Sprout is a repurposed canteen, where you can find 5 different stores serving delicious food and drinks, namely Pyroast, O-Kome, Dirty Buns, Lok-Kol, Meat & Greet. We had the honour of trying the food from all of these vendors, and let us do a quick review!

Meat & Greet

Special Pork Ribs($24 with 2 sides) from Meat & Greet, cooked and smoked for 12 hours to achieve a flavourful taste. For someone who loves a bit of spices in every dish, the peppery taste adds a layer of flavour on top of the subtle sweetness, making this a rather multi-faceted one! The pork is also tender, probably due to the good control of heat in the cooking process. Overall, we highly-recommend trying this dish!

Duck Pasta($14), one of the best seller from Meat & Greet. We loved the intense garlic aroma of the pasta, as well as the tenderness of the shredded duck meat. The chef has noted that their duck meat is cooked for a whopping 14 hours(which explains the pleasant texture), and that the dish is topped with special spicy breadcrumbs.


Just look at this bunch of skewered snacks from Lok-Kol(from $1 onwards). Lok-Kol prides themselves on serving literally ANYTHING that can be skewered, from fried mantou to bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms! They also have deep-fried broccoli, which tasted more like fluffy chicken floss(if that even makes sense) topped with sweet teriyaki sauce!

Dirty Buns

Dirty Double Burger set($14) from Dirty Buns. Contrary to the name, we felt like this burger was beautifully made, from the patty to the sauce, even the hand-cut fries were amazing. The owner told us that each patty are made from scratch, even the meat-grinding process! Fries are also hand-cut from fresh potatoes to ensure quality! We loved the juiciness of the patty, complemented with the generous slices of cheese. The fries are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, exactly the way we love our fries!


Chicken Nanban($10) from O-Kome. O-kome serves authentic Asian rice bowls that are heavily-inspired by Japanese cuisines, which are evident from the use of Ajitsuke Tamago and Tamagoyaki. They utilise high quality Calrose grains imported from the United Kingdom, and we must say that it really tastes different! The rice is soft and fluffy and is flavoured with special sauces and prawn roe, thus it was like having a party in our mouth!



On top of just serving coffee, Pyroast also prides themselves on being a mini coffee factory where they source, import and roast their coffee beans using traditional methods. They serve a good list of drinks, such as hot latte($4), Indonesian Mount Halu Single Origin cold brew($4), as well as a series of manual brew from seasonal beans, starting from $7!

Urban Farming

You can take stroll along the greenhouses owned by a community of farmers and experts. We learned that there are different purposes for the greenhouses. Some farmers are using it for educational research, while others use it to practise sustainable consumptions. Embark on one of the guided tours to learn about sustainable farming in the local scene, and if you’re lucky enough to visit during the harvesting season, you can also bring some fresh produce home!

We also saw the opportunity to take some IG-worthy shots, thus it was definitely an refreshing experience aside from our usual café-hopping!

City Sprouts

Address: 102 Henderson Rd

Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM Daily

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