Pasar Malam Entrepreneurs ft. Crystal

The SHOUT Conversation series are short lifestyle videos created with the intentions of inspiring creativity and passion pursuing through personal storytelling.

Taking our social media feeds by storm, trendy street foods such as churros and ice cream rolls have recently been introduced at traditional pasar malams – night markets held predominantly at residential neighbourhoods. Seeing a rise in youths getting a foot in the door by venturing into F&B industry at local night markets and pasar malams, we reached out to Crystal Cheng, co-founder of Loco Loco (formally known as Bakes & Crafts) who shared with us her journey, as well as the ins and outs of running a nomadic food stall while juggling her studies at her tender age of 21.
Loco Loco SG
Facebook: Bakes & Crafts
Instagram: @locolocosg

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