5 Oddly Satisfying Youtube Channels

Touted as the top social media innovation of the decade, Youtube is known to have content available for even the most unfathomable and esoteric topics known to man. Forget the cat videos or baking tutorials, here are 5 Youtube channels with super-specific content that are uncommon, yet oddly satisfying enough to have you watching them on repeat.

1. Let’s Melt This
A relatively new channel launched just two months ago, Let’s Melt This features videos of the most commonly found items being melted in the most obscure ways possible. Think: socks in sulfuric acid, styrofoam in acetone, as well as glass bottle in a microwave. Other melting videos you can find in this channel includes that of a cotton candy, a rock, an iPad mini and a HP laptop.

2. The Food Surgeon
With professional surgical tools and skills, the people behind The Food Surgeon may just be off-duty surgeons or medical students. Keep your eyes peeled for videos of food dissections and operations that would leave you hungry yet satisfied.

3. PressTube
A mega mood lifter for the ones who are having a bad day, PressTube features everyday items such as soccer balls, gopro cameras and even grenades being crushed and destroyed by the hydraulic press.

4. The Slow Mo Guys
If you ever feel like life is too fast-paced for you, try living life in slow motion with The Slow Mo Guys, where epic activities and challenges – such as corn on drill, paint on a drum, as well as tongue on a mousetrap – are filmed in slow motion and uploaded onto the channel each week.

5. Miniature Space
You have probably seen these miniature cooking videos on your Facebook feed, but if you haven’t – Miniature Space is a Japanese YouTube channel that is sure to have you feeling like Gulliver in Lilliput, and these videos of edible miniature food preparation are not only adorable but oddly addictive as well.

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