Passive aggressive candles for the pent up partners

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

Valentines are a great time to spend with your loved ones, but sometimes there are just little things that irritate you about your partners. If  being openly hostile is not your forte, but there is the need to unleash some repressed frustrations, a company known as  Passive Aggressive Candle Shop has just the collection you need. 

As their name suggests, this company is giving customers the opportunity to purchase candles that come in passive aggressive scents that will help you to “express your feelings … without having to speak a word”. 

They have three different scents – Hangry, Angry and Jealousy, very common and usual emotions that are felt on the daily. These candles are all made with 100% Soy wax and pure blend essential oils and fragrance oils. Each candle would cost you $39.90.

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

Not to mention, these candles have their own unique scent. Scents that you would not imagine using for candles in the first place. 

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

For those who turn their hunger into anger, the Hangry candle ($39.90) is supposed to help you out. Lighting it will release a bacon scent which might be the hint that would set the other party into motion and get you the food you wanted!

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

Everyone gets jealous, as such, Passive Aggressive Candle Shop is also selling Jealousy candles ($39.90). What better way to express the sourness you feel by filling up with room with a sour scent made from lime essential oils.

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

Lastly, the Anger candles ($39.90). This candle is said to be made out of black pepper essential oil. You heard that right – black pepper. The peppery smell that it releases is supposed to help ignite a “spicy scent” that will inform your partner of how angry you are. 

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop

They even have the Paggro Gift Set ($105) that gives you all three candles. 

Check these passive aggressive candles out yourself here.

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