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Popular Hokkaido Snack, Shiroi Koibito Now Available As an Ice Cream in Singapore!

Regarded one of the most renowned souvenir snacks from the Northern Island, Shiroi Koibito comprises of a langue de chat white cookie which is baked until its edges are crisp and brown, in carefully controlled oven temperatures. Topped by a layer of rich white chocolate, the Shiroi Koibito has remained popular over the past 40 years, thanks to its light texture that easily melts in the mouth – made by mixing equal amounts of sugar and butter into a dough, to be softened at room temperature before adding flour and egg white.

Arguably one of the most well-known langue de chat snack and souvenir exports in Hokkaido, the Shiroi Koibito is made by Japanese confectioner Ishiya, and will be available as a limited edition ice cream sandwich and white chocolate drink for the first time ever. Made in close collaboration with snack industry giant, Morinaga, the Shiroi Koibito ice cream sandwich will feature two butter cookies hugging a slab of white chocolate-flavoured ice cream studded with white chocolate chips.

Taking on a whole new shape, the all-new Shiroi Koibito ice cream sandwich will showcase a rounder and significantly bigger, palm-sized dessert, that is unlike the brand’s original small square portions.

Now available islandwide, exclusively at Don Don Donki Singapore’s ice cream section, the all-new Shiroi Koibito dessert is worth an estimated $4.90, whilst the brand’s white chocolate drink variation has yet to appear in-stores.

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