Puccho's Latest Bubble Tea Candy Flavour Is Inspired By The #BobaLife

We love bubble tea. In fact, we admit that we might just be slightly addicted to milk tea and those delicious balls of chewy tapioca. We loved boba so much, we even added it into our rice and noodles.
You can find bubble tea pretty much anywhere – even if you just walk down the street, you’ll probably pass a bubble tea store. You can even get bottled bubble tea from convenience stores and supermarkets! But what if you’re craving a little boba and you’re stuck at work? Have some bubble tea candy instead!
puccho bubble tea
Puccho, a Japanese candy that’s loved for its milky candy filled with gummy bits, and they have just launched a new flavor inspired by the Taiwanese drink. We were really excited to spot the bubble tea flavored stick candy at our 7-Eleven.
The Puccho Stick Candy Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Flavor smells and tastes exactly like the brown sugar milk tea that’s currently all the craze now (we’re looking at you, Tiger Sugar!).
PUCCHO boba sweet-1
Although if you were expecting to find actual boba bits, you’ll be slightly disappointed as you’ll only be able to taste the tapioca pearls and not chew on them. Maybe they should come up with candies and snacks with actual boba, like these milk tea chocolate coated pearls that you can actually get in Ximending souvenir shops in Taiwan.
The Puccho Stick Candy Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Flavor is now available in selected 7-Eleven stores islandwide for $2.30.

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