Enjoying Pastries Just Got Easier With Seriously Keto, A Fully Keto-Friendly Bakery

Diets are a necessary evil – we might not like them, but they can be a highly effective (and hopefully healthy) way to lose weight.
The ketogenic diet is one of the more popular diets globally, with celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow swearing by it. The ketogenic diet – or keto diet in short – is basically taking low-carb to the extreme. Instead of eating carbs which pretty much includes all sorts of grains like bread and rice, and even certain vegetables like potatoes and corn, your diet will be centered around meat, poultry, fatty fish, and healthy fats.
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Bread, baked goods, and sugary food are a huge no-no, but most keto beginners tend to find it tough to cut these out of their diets. And it was her own personal journey into the keto lifestyle which inspired Janti Brasali to create her own 100% wholly ketogenic bakery. Seriously Keto is all about enjoying sweets and baked goods without having to feel guilty for cheating on the keto diet.
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That’s right, you can have your cake and eat it too at Seriosuly Keto. All their breads and pastries are low in carbs, gluten-free, low-calories AND zero-sugar. Diabetic people who are sensitive to sugar will also be able to enjoy these pastries without having to worry about their sugar levels. Reducing the amount of processed sugars in your diet is not just about losing weight – it’s also healthier in the long run for your body.
These breads and all the other pastries are made fresh to order, which means that you have to pre-order them. You can choose to collect your goodies yourself from Happy Pancakes in Orchard Central or have them delivered for $7. Gather round your healthy-eating colleagues and make a mass order as orders above $80 have free delivery.

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KetoBun ($8.90 for 2 pieces, $20.90 for 6 pieces)

The staple to every breakfast and meal: bread! The KetoBun is a dense and compact bun made with only egg-whites and is packed full of fibers and other nutrients. The bun is tasty by itself, with almond flour and onion powder giving it flavor, before being topped with either sunflower seeds or sesame seeds. You don’t really need to add anything else, but you can always fill it with salmon and avocado to make a power sandwich on-the-go.
Or maybe you’re one of those who like to keep some bread and spreads at home for late-night hunger pangs and early starts. Seriously Keto also has spreads so that you can still make yourself a peanut putter and jam sandwich.
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Left to right: Forest Fruits KetoSpread ($9.90/80ml), Kaya Kryptonite KetoSpread ($9.90/80ml), Utter Nutter KetoSpread ($5.90/80ml)

The Utter Nutter KetoSpread is the keto version of peanut butter, with low-carb MCT oil which is still creamy and full of roasted crunchy nuts. And not forgetting our local favorite, kaya. The Kaya Krptonite KetoSpread is made with coconut cream and fresh panda leaves, and is equally addicting. Just toast your KetoBun slightly, and you’ve got a healthier alternative for that coffeeshop kaya toast!
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Left to right: Pandan-Monium KetoCup ($5.90), Chocolate Deluxe KetoCup ($5.90), Blueberry Bliss KetoCup ($5.90)

It’s okay to treat yourself to a little cupcake now and then. The KetoCup is a a perfect snack, and even comes topped with creamy icing that is not too sweet. Healthy never looked so heavenly, we think.
For now, the KetoCup comes in 6 different flavors: Viva La Velvet (Red Velvet), Pandan-Monium (Pandan), Chocolate Deluxe (Chocolate), Cloud Nine Cinnamon (Cinnamon), Pretty in Pink (Vanilla with Strawberry) and Blueberry Bliss (Blueberry). Looking at how much fun Janti is having whipping up her baked creations, we’re not surprised if there are new flavors soon!
And if someone’s birthday is coming up, you can even get full-sized Keto Cakes from Seriously Keto. Parties aren’t an excuse to not eat healthy.
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Other than desserts, Janti also wants to encourage the keto diet as a lifestyle. She’s even written a cookbook with 14 simple ketogenic recipes that will go well with her KetoBuns. And these cookbooks are available at all 26 Singapore National Library Board’s Public Libraries.
Like every diet, the keto diet might not be suitable for everyone. But if you’re keen on embarking on the keto lifestyle, Seriously Keto might just be your life saviour.
Address: Seriously Keto at Happy Pancakes, 181 Orchard Rd, #10-01, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm (self collection)
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
*note: Seriously Keto only accepts online orders (NO WALK-INS) at the time of publication. Last orders for same day pickup is 12pm. Any orders place after 12pm is only available for collection on the following Monday. $7 per delivery, free delivery for orders above $80

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