Samyang now has gyoza, fried chicken and onigiri?!

From all nine flavours of the infamous Samyang spicy ramen to their makeup line with TonyMoly, Samyang is always coming up with quirky products. So it is no surprise they released more spicy food. These products are all released in collaboration with various popular convenience stores across Korea.

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Gyoza Bento

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This bento comes with both gyoza and spicy rice. There is also a layer of gooey cheese to neutralise the spice and makes for a nice accompaniment to the dish. This bento is going for 3,200 won (approximately SG$3.70).
Fried Chicken

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Samyang spices up the classic Korean fried chicken with a thick coat of their signature sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds and seaweed. The Samyang fried chicken is selling for 3,500 won (approximately SG$4).

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They even have onigiri that is filled with spicy rice and chicken that will leave your tongue tingling. This onigiri is priced at 1,200 won (approximately SG$1.40)
The gyoza, fried chicken and onigiri can only be found exclusively in Korea’s convenience store, CU.

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Samyang’s version of kimbap has all the typical ingredients such as eggs, carrots, radishes and sausages but is stuffed with spicy Samyang rice instead. This kimbap is priced at 2,400 won (approximately SG$2.80).
They are only available in Korea’s convenience store, GS25

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Yes, Samyang had also come up with their version of eggs and there are two options available- normal or smoked. The box of eggs also comes with their iconic spicy chicken sauce so you can customise the level of spice accordingly.
A box of eggs cost 2,000 won (approximately SG$2.30) and are only available in Korea’s 7-11
All these products are exclusive to Korea’s convenience stores. So if you do visit Korea, challenge yourself and try some of these products!

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