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Simple Homemade Cloud Milk Jelly Roll Cake Recipe!

Swiss rolls also known as jelly roll, roll cake, cream roll, or roulade refer to any form of rolled sponge cake filled with cream, jam, or icing, and are regarded a staple dessert in many parts of the world including Singapore. Available at almost every confectionary, bakery, and café, these toothsome desserts have seen much innovation and are often presented in a variety of quirky flavours including strawberry and matcha.

Despite being accessible and affordable, homemade renditions of this classic dessert have since taken the internet by storm. One recipe in particular, posted by The Idea King on Facebook teaches users how to make a ‘Cloud Milk Jelly’ roll cake using a few simple ingredients! 


To start, you will need –

200g of milk

10g of caster sugar

20g of white bean jelly powder or any normal white jelly powder

500g of water

Butterfly Pea Flower Jelly

6 egg whites

100g of full cream milk

50g of Corn oil

65g of low gluten/protein flour

20g of corn starch

50g of sugar

1g of salt

Vanilla extract

Lemon juice

Blue food colouring

Begin your preparation process by pouring the milk, caster sugar, and white bean jelly powder into a singular bowl and stirring evenly. Once done, melt all ingredients in the bowl using heat and pour the mixture into cloud molds before freezing.

While waiting, mix an appropriate amount of Butterfly Pea Flower Jelly into 500g of water. Ensure that enough jelly is used to moderately alter the colour of the mixture. Add 20g of fine sugar and 50g of white jelly powder into the mix and begin heating. Once melted, pour the mixture into a cylinder mould, and unmold the frozen ‘clouds’. Position each cloud to your liking along the cylinder and begin refreezing. 

Create your cake base by stirring and emulsifying 100g of full cream milk with 50g of corn oil. Add one egg white, salt and vanilla extract to the mix and stir well. Sift in low gluten flour and cornstarch, and continue to stir till smooth. Once all clumps have been removed, add blue colouring.

Add 5 eggs whites, sugar, and lemon juice to a separate bowl, add and whip it. Mix this batter evenly with the previous, and pour both concoctions into a baking tray. Place the tray into the preheated oven at 165 degrees and bake for about 15-20 minutes. After baking, flip the cake upside down and allow it to cool naturally. Place your previously frozen jelly on the cake and roll it up.

Be sure to refrigerate your dessert for at least 1 hour before consumption and you’re done!

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