Singapore Underwater: Year 2030 In A Parallel Universe!

These paintings are making us more excited than we should be

Global warming is real and scary. But local “concept artist and illustrator” Sean Lee Siu Lun published a photo album on his Facebook page yesterday with paintings depicting life in an alternate Singapore where sea levels have risen sky high and somehow, it actually looks pretty fun to live in.
Titled “Singapore 2030”, the photo album has 8 paintings in total, and covers Singapore’s iconic elements like HDB flats, MRT stations, and even a market!
And while he deserves mad props for his amazing art skills, here’s a nod of appreciation to his photo descriptions as well, which are full of tongue-in-cheek quips and references.
Here are the masterpieces:

Singapore Underwater 6Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: Bukit Panjang
Backstory: Apparently, private businessmen supply water and power to apartments that remain above the sea level. Kelongs were built along the HDB buildings, creating a very vibrant community that might be well-known for seafood barbecues.

Singapore Underwater 5Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: Orchard Gateway, Somerset
Backstory: Wealthy landowners found a way to keep their private properties from becoming like Atlantis – they created biodome living spaces underwater. Resorts World Singapore’s S.E.A Aquarium probably closed down from the lack of business.

Singapore Underwater 4Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: All public buses
Backstory: Public transport or the Magic School Bus? There is no difference in this alternate universe, and the jellyfish breeding season is supposedly a great way to past time when you’re onboard with no public Wi-Fi to tap on.

Singapore Underwater 1Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: Bukit Panjang
Backstory: Besides our kelong HDBs, we have new “undersea HDB” buildings as well, which thankfully can still be paid using our CPF!

Singapore Underwater 8Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: Bukit Panjang
Backstory: Gone are the chasing of sunrises and sunsets – we now chase after high tides, when the seawater from outside our dams spill over into the canals that run through our city. They make for highly-instagrammable photos!

Singapore Underwater 2Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: City Hall
Backstory: As brilliant as this alternate Singapore is, we’re still far from perfect and we still have train delays – thanks to the seasonal dugong migration.

Singapore Underwater 3Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: City Hall
Backstory: Shopping malls and hipster markets are now less boring for the uninterested husband because you can always watch the fishes and occasional shark swim around!

Singapore Underwater 7Source: Sean Lee Siu Lun

Location: Bangkit Market
Backstory: Wet markets and pasar malam still exist in that universe, but are way cooler.
Check out the before and after pictures here on the photo album and more of Sean’s work here!

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