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Singapore’s First-Ever My Little Pony-Themed Pop-Up Cafe From 27th September To End Of December!

Cotton candy drinks, galaxy cakes and more

Kumoya is back once again, but this time around with the adorable casts of My Little Pony from 27th September to end December! Filled with rainbows, stars, fluffy clouds, and of course, the fabulous ponies, the My Little Pony-themed cafe is a colourful land full of magic and happiness to dine in!

Adorable menu items

Get your cameras ready as the pop-up also offers cute and pretty-looking food and drinks! Popular food artist Shirley Wong (aka Little Miss Bento) was behind the My Little Pony-inspired creations, which consists of mains, snacks, desserts and drinks. Think rainbow toasts, pink heart-shaped rice and cotton candy drinks!


Cheese Fish Fingers With Cajun Spice Mix ($12.90)


One of the new snack items is the Cheese Fish Fingers With Cajun Spice Mix. Crispy on the outside but cheesy on the inside, these fish fingers that are coated with cajun spice taste heavenly!

Shrimp Bomb With Wasabi Mayo ($12.90)

The Shrimp Bomb With Wasabi Mayo is made up of delicious shrimps wrapped around bread cubes that are fried to crispy golden perfection. Make sure to dunk the bombs into the wasabi mayo dip for a satisfying punch!

Japanese Shrimp Gyoza With Mayo ($12.90)


The perfectly-fried gyozas are filled with juicy shrimps and the experience will be even better if you dip them into the mayo that comes along with it.  


Magic Friendship Rainbow Big Breakfast ($24.90)

If you’re craving for a big Western breakfast, the Magic Friendship Rainbow Big Breakfast is perfect for you! This dish includes thick slices of toasted house-made rainbow bread, juicy chicken and beef sausages, crispy turkey bacon, heart-shaped chicken ham, hash brown, scrambled eggs and a fresh garden salad topped with cute cheese stars. I recommend savouring the toasts with the eggs and sausages first to prevent the bread from hardening!
Twilight Sparkle Soaring Skies Chicken Katsu Burger ($22.90)

The Twilight Sparkle Soaring Skies Chicken Katsu Burger comes with a side of crunchy curly fries, mini steamed mantou and fresh garden salad. The crunchy but juicy chicken katsu paired perfectly well with the sweet teriyaki sauce and soft mantou bun.


Magical Princesses With Magic Potion Galaxy Cake ($21.90)


To end your meal on a sweet note, order this must-try dessert – the Magical Princesses With Magic Potion Galaxy Cake! A treat not just for your taste buds but also for your eyes, make sure to whip your camera out before you pour the multi-coloured shimmery “galaxy potion” onto the mango mousse cake! The glaze will glide over the smooth surface of the cake, creating a cosmic galaxy effect.

This dessert also comes with dry ice that will be poured by the waitress to make it even more Instagrammable. Plus, every order of this dessert will get you a free Twilight Sparkle Keyring Plush worth $14.90!

Pinkie Pie Pack-a-Punch Strawberry Cake ($17.90)


Go big or go home! This fully-loaded dessert consists of soft strawberry sponge cake with kanten jelly, creamy Hokkaido soft serve, pink and fluffy cotton candy, sweets and delicious strawberry cereal crunch.

Pair the soft strawberry sponge cake with the soft serve for maximum delight as the combination of tangy and sweet blends well together!


Rainbow Dash Fluffy Clouds Bubblegum Soda With Fluffy Cotton Candy ($12.90)

cotton candy

This refreshing and cute-looking drink is none other than the Rainbow Dash Fluffy Clouds Bubblegum Soda With Fluffy Cotton Candy, which has a massive cloud of candy floss sitting atop blue bubblegum soda! It involves a bit of action as you will have to pour the soda into the glass to dissolve the candy floss, which makes it extra fun with your friends! 

Plus, you will get a free limited edition My Little Pony coaster with every purchase of a drink!


Magical Friends Vanilla Strawberry Frappe With Colourful Donut Cake (S$13.90)


This creamy frappe topped with a soft doughnut is sure to sweeten you up without being overly cloying!

Precious and exclusive merchandises


Fans of My Little Pony can purchase exclusive merchandises with prices ranging from $9.90 to $89.90 while they’re there! There is a wide array of merchandises such as plushies, pillows, pencil cases, stationeries and hair accessories displayed at the counter.

My Little Pony x Kumoya

Address: Kumoya Singapore, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

Opening Hours: Tue – Thurs, Sun: 12PM – 9.30PM | Fri – Sat: 12PM – 10.20PM

Pop-up Duration: 27th September – 30th December 2018


Written by: Nelly Sabrina

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