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Singapore’s First Glow in The Dark Bar and Bistro!

Once a vegetarian restaurant serving fusion Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, V Exclusive represents the tireless efforts of a few passionate individuals, determined to make their long-term visions a success. Doing away with the original, 2 year old concept in light of Covid-19, V Exclusive now brands itself as Singapore’s first-ever glow in the dark bistro bar.

Situated along 140 Race Course Road, V Exclusive prides itself in being vibrant and colourful, yet dark esoterically dark. Complete with neon paint drawings across each table, a galaxy-like backdrop along the walls, and glow in the dark themed drinks, V Exclusive is an experience best enjoyed at night, and on an empty stomach.

The team’s extremely forthcoming, warm, and generous nature should come as no surprise to all. As a matter of fact, the V in V Exclusive actually stands for Vendetta – a group of close-knit riders in Singapore who do charity on a regular basis. This month, in light of Ramadhan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community – the V Exclusive bistro will be working in close collaboration with a variety of charitable organisations to provide free food supplies to all those who need it. Beyond local initiatives, the team also conducts regular overseas donations to the less fortunate in Batam, Johor, and Myanmar.

Yesterday, my team and I had the pleasure of sampling at least nine dishes from the mouth-watering V Exclusive menu. While I will only be highlighting the most notable flavours, the full list of dishes sampled include, the $14 Commando Chicken, $10 Calamari Rings, $12 Cheesy Impossible Fries, $10 (Red Clay) Chicken Claypot Rice, $10 Briyani Pizza, $28 Lamb Chop, $9 Truffle Fries, $18 Impossible Burger, $12 BBQ Wings, and $12 Spicy Wings.

New, and not yet listed on the menu, the $28 Western-style Lamb Chop comes complete with two sides in the form of grilled vegetables, cucumber yoghurt, and red wine sauce. Extremely tender, and juicy, the red wine sauce works to effortlessly accentuate the flavours of each element, whilst presenting a slightly sour aftertaste, which leaves you yearning for another bite.

V Exclusive is not joking when they list an item as ‘Cheesy’. The $12 Cheesy Impossible Fries were drowned in the most delicious combination of cheese I’ve ever had. Typically available in two vegan and non-vegan alternatives, the non-vegan Impossible Fries showcase a mix of vegan and regular-grade cheese to create an overwhelmingly nutty flavour – which I loved.

(Left: Spicy Chicken, Right: Commando Chicken)

While one bite of the $12 Spicy Wings was more enough than enough to remind me that this dish is not for me, the BBQ Wings and Commando Chicken alternatives were absolutely delicious. Despite chicken wings not being my go-to side dish, these were generously seasoned and crispy in the best way, and for lack of better words, I would definitely order this again.

Lastly, the Briyani Pizza definitely caught a significant amount of my attention. Not only did I not know such a flavour was possible, it actually lived up to my expectations. Characterised by a strong, creamy flavour, the Briyani Pizza tastes legitimate, better than actual briyani. Personally, I feel the $10 Briyani Pizza may be the most cost effective yet delicious dish on the menu. Not only is it simple to order and consume, it’s unique and filling, and I doubt there are many other places that have been equally successful in executing a dish like this.

V Exclusive

Address: 140 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218592

Operating Hours: (Mon): 5pm-10:30pm, (Wed-Sun): 3pm-10:30pm, (Closed Tues)

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