5 Feng Shui Tips To Becoming The Luckiest Mahjong Player

With over 30 years of experience in assisting clients to boost luck and positive energy flow within their homes, Feng Shui Master Rex has perfected the art of ‘wind-water’, which utilizes energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Like in home improvement and renovation efforts, luck is such an essential part of the mahjong experience. As such, many players turn to the pseudoscientific traditional practices of Feng Shui, to boost their chances in the game.

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Here are Feng Shui Master Rex’s 5 tips to conquering every round of mahjong – 

1. Avoid sitting with your back facing a window or door.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that sitting with your back against the door, with no support, will cause a flow of bad energy from the outside to overcome you. Instead, players should strategically reorient their position to face a North-West direction – which is believed to draw lucky energy inward.

(Image by custommahjong)

2. Avoid sitting on unstable chairs and remove all sharp objects from your vicinity.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that unstable chairs may have a direct negative influence over one’s overall energy flow, and sharp objects have the potential to puncture one’s aura, thus hindering the growth of positive energy.

3. Wear as many amulets as possible, as they are believed to exude lucky energy.

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4. Avoid getting agitated or angry.

An unstable temper may block positivity from forming, building, or being drawn to you. Therefore, laugh more. It is believed that laughing out loud or singing a song, will encourage a significant amount of lucky energy to flow through you.

5. Shake or readjust our chair regularly

By re-adjusting your chair and position, you create flow within your stagnated Qi. Therefore, re-adjusting will help revitalise one’s energy and allow new luck to flow.

For more Feng Shui related tips, contact Master Rex on Facebook or via his website.

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