Singapore’s Power Siblings

Celebrated annually on the 10th of April each year, National Siblings Day is the day where we honour the relationships of siblings. Sibling tiffs and rivalry aside, in honor of the occassion, we’ve listed 5 influential siblings in Singapore who are successful in their own trade.

1. Narelle Kheng and Benjamin Kheng, Artistes and part of The Sam Willows
No strangers to the music industry, the Kheng siblings are part of The Sam Willows, Singapore’s most subscribed music band channel on Youtube. Attributing their musical inclinations to their parents who loved music, Benjamin and Narelle Kheng have certainly come a long way in the entertainment industry. Apart from singing, the former national swimmers have since branched out into acting and can be spotted frequently on the TV screens.
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2. Brianna Wong and Bertilla Wong, Founders of The Closet Lover
One of the pioneers who kickstarted the online shopping industry back in 2007, Brianna and Bertilla Wong founded The Closet Lover, now an established local fashion store with their own range of manufactured pieces and have garnered over 60,000 fans. Late last year, the sisters launched their first physical retail store at Bugis Junction to ensure a fuss-free offline shopping experience. Other than having their own brand, the sisters are also well-known influencers in the industry, each with over 13,000 fans on their Instagram.
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3. Irfan Ahmad, Ikhsan Ahmad and Iman Ahmad, National Soccer Players and Fashion Model/Influencer
Widely recognised as Singapore’s “Beckham’s family”, the Fandi Ahmad family has it all – talent, good genes and fame. Following in the footsteps of their father, Irfan and Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad started playing soccer at a young age and are currently playing for Singapore’s Home United football club, with the former being named one of 40 best young talents in world football. Their sister, Iman Fandi Ahmad, took after their South African model mother Wendy Jacobs and joined New Paper New Face 2014 – bagging home the Miss Popularity title at the age of 14.
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4. Ng Yu Ze and Ng Yu Rui, Twin models
Recognised as Singapore’s twin models, Ng Yu Ze and Ng Yu Rui are rising stars in the local male modeling scene with their pan-Asian looks and chiseled faces. Despite their young age, the twins have shot for prominent brands and magazines such as Esquire, NUYOU, G2000, and graced the runways of numerous fashion shows.
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5. Cai Weili and Cai Weisheng, Founders of Brothers Ramen
Coming a long way since 2010 where brothers Cai Weili and Cai Weisheng started a stall in a coffee shop at Tanjong Pagar selling homemade cookies. Their love for ramen and cooking propelled them to start selling homemade ramen and subsequently in 2012, the stall was renamed to Brothers Ramen and sold only ramen. The ramen stall closed in mid 2014 despite having gained some popularity, but made a comeback with a 43-seater shop at International Plaza in 2015. Their noodles are made in-house daily and are very well-received by patrons.
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