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Singapore’s Triple Spicy Plate of Nasi Lemak!

Not new, but still worth a visit, OSG Bar + Kitchen is a music restaurant with a corporate mission of spreading love through simple acts of goodness – one dish, one glass, and one song at a time. Offering a wide variety of modern Indo-Chinese cuisine with a local twist, OSG Bar + Kitchen is best known for their diverse selection of whisky, wine, sake, live music, open mic nights, and Signature Nasi Lemak.

Striving to provide quality entertainment as therapy for the soul, OSG prioritizes customer wellbeing above all else. As such the bar welcomes guests after a long day to unwind and socialize. Branded as a go-to destination for guests to escape their stress, pain, and problems, the highly hospitable staff at OSG are always open and ready to listen. In fact, the restaurant’s head operator, Zach prides himself in being a ‘self-styled wanna be therapist’, and often prescribes medicine in the form of a hearty glass of Bordeaux Wine, Botanist Gin, and whisky to all who need it.

Worth a whopping $17.90, the OSG Signature Nasi Lemak is no ordinary plate of rice. Comprised of blue pea flower coconut rice, beef rendang, fried chicken wings, sambal mini lobster, ikan bilis, peanuts, belado egg, achar, and three levels of sambal chili – this has got to be the biggest plate of nasi lemak I have ever seen. Divided into three sections, the dish’s level one chili can be found drizzled over the belado egg, whilst level two is neatly positioned by the chicken, and level three engulfs the plate’s generous portion of mini lobsters.

Meant to pair effortlessly with wine, or any alcoholic beverage of your choice, the Signature Nasi Lemak showcases an impeccably harmonious mix of various flavours and textures. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, especially having read innumerable lackluster reviews of the dish, however my first-hand experience has left me pleasantly surprised. While this is definitely not a dish I would order on my own, as I struggled to finish it even when sharing amongst two people, the OSG Nasi Lemak presents the ideal balance of salty, spicy, and sticky-sweet flavours, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

($13.90 Mala Popcorn Chicken)

Thanks to the immense hospitality of the OSG team, I had the unexpected luxury of sampling the restaurant’s popular Fried Tao Kee tapas ($7.90), and Mala Popcorn Chicken. While I am personally not a fan of spicy food (or rather, I simply can’t handle it), none of my preconceived worries could stop me from gobbling down each plate. Despite not being what I initially came for, the $13.90 Mala Popcorn Chicken definitely deserves all the limelight. Showcasing succulent deep fried chicken cubes stir fried with Szechuan chili and peppercorn, this dish had not only set my tastebuds ablaze but heightened my cravings for more.

($7.90 Fried Tao Kee)

Surprisingly the spiciest dish of the morning, the Fried Tao Kee tapas is the simplest. Comprising of deep fried beancurd skins served with homemade sambal chili, this dish makes the perfect bar snack for guests looking to munch without the commitment of a full meal.


OSG Bar + Kitchen

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-510/511 Suntec City, Tower 1, S038983

Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri): 11am – 11pm, (Sat-Sun): 1pm – 11pm


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