Sink your teeth into soft, fluffy traditional Thai bread from Thai Baàng Bakery

Thai Baàng Bakery is an old quaint little Thai bakery located in the corner of Kitchener Complex at Lavender. Following her love for traditional comfort Thai bread she discovered on a tourist trip to Thailand early 2017, Jovi – the lady boss of Thai baàng, left her financial advisor job and opened Thai baàng together with her Thai husband and two partners. Found only in local Thai markets and hardly seen by tourists visiting Thailand, Thai baàng aims to bring over to Singaporeans and spread the joy, comfort and satisfaction of quality soft, fluffy fillings filled bread made with love and passion.
Made freshly each day with no preservatives, Thai baàng offers up to 25 different flavours of traditional made bread loaves, customized to Singaporeans taste palettes. It comes in varying sizes; small ($1.60 – $1.90), medium ($2.30 – $2.50), as well as large ($4.20 – $4.70).
With no preservatives or bread softener added, the bread is baked and left in individual molds to help hold its shape and keep it warm, even after sitting out for 30 minutes. This keeps the bread airy and fluffy, creating that soft and chewy texture that melts together with the various fillings when eaten.
These are some of their most popular flavours:
1. Bacon Egg Mayo (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)
Topped with strips of bacon on the surface of the bread, the saltiness of the bacon together with the generous egg mayo fillings complements each other perfectly. Unlike how egg mayo is usually done, the egg mayo is not as chunky and instead blends together seamlessly with the bread such that it almost has a creamy texture.
2. Tomyam Chicken (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)
Perfect for those who love a little kick, this option is packed filled with shreds of tom yam chicken. Instead of using chunks of chicken meat, the chicken meat is shredded, allowing it to fully and evenly absorb the tom yam spices. This also makes it more manageable to eat as the meat and bread pull away easily with each bite. (Jovi’s personal favourite!)
3. Mushroom Vege (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)
Remember those mushroom mayo buns from childhood? This brings back those memories – Except an upgraded version! The filling taste a lot like chicken pie fillings without the chicken. Put together the savory aroma of the mushroom and soft fluffy bread, this creates the classic comfort breakfast for kids and adults alike.
4. Banana Chocolate (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)
Slightly on the sweet side, the Banana Chocolate will be perfect for kids! While it may not have the striking taste of the banana fruit itself as a banana paste is used instead, the warm gooey texture of the chocolate and banana packed together is definitely a satisfying feeling to sink your teeth into.
5. Curry Chicken, Sausage, Egg (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)
The perfect quick alternative to curb your cravings for curry chicken. With strong spices and generous chicken, sausage and egg fillings, each ingredients blends well together with the soft chewy texture of the bread. Slightly heavier on the stomach with its rich flavours and generous fillings, this is sure to keep you full till your next meal.
If you are feeling adventurous, have a go at their unique flavours like Basil Leaf with Cheese (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20)  or the owner’s husband favourite – Ikan Bilis Petai (Small: $1.60, Medium: $2.30, Large: $4.20).  It has a nice balance of the stronger flavour of ikan bilis together with the slight aroma of petai, which is an acquired taste by itself.
With everything made in house down to the cookies and cakes, the owner’s Thai friend makes special Thai desserts and delicacies each morning. The Thai Banana Glutinous Rice ($1.30) is the original favourite among Thai’s, however to cater more to Singaporeans taste buds, they introduced Chili Shrimp (more commonly known as Hae Bee Hiam) Glutinous Rice ($1.30). Just like how their breads are generously filled with fillings, this was no exception as well. Stuffed packed with hae bee hiam, it was not too spicy with just the right enough amount of spice and balanced proportion between the hae bee hiam and the glutinous rice. Thai baàng also sells Thai dessert; A combination of yam, pumpkin and tapioca ($3.50).
Address:  809 French Road
#01-41 Kitchener Complex
Singapore 200809
Opening Hours:
8.30AM – 8.30PM Daily
Contact:+65 9722 1213

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