Snapchat Is Changing The Game With Their New Mini TV Shows

Loyal fans of Snapchat, be very excited. Instagram may be hot on Snapchat’s heels with the recently launched Instagram Stories, but the latter remains way ahead of the game with the epic launch of mini TV shows on its app later this month.
If you’re too lazy to reach out for your remote control or simply have no time to indulge in a lazy afternoon date will the telly, these mini shows will essentially provide you with the same content on the go, shortened to adapt to Snapchat. This spanking new addition is in collaboration with NBCUniversal, so users can anticipate short-form versions of popular reality show The Voice and E! News for starters via the Discover feature.
The Snapchat version of The Voice is more than just brief video summaries. Original content will be injected into this mobile friendly program, including a Snapchat-exclusive, interactive feature for users! You will be able to record snaps of yourself singing for the judges – there is an actual possibility that your bathroom singing sesh will be viewed by superstar judges Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys this season.
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Being the first mini TV show to kick start this new series, The Voice will air on Aug. 22 and includes five episodes. This debut will be followed by The Rundown by E! News on Sept. 8, another mini show that revolves around pop culture entertainment.
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These two shows are just the tip of the iceberg – Snapchat will soon include more original content. With The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live already in the works, now even a Game of Thrones: Snapchat Edition does not sound entirely impossible in the near future.

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