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Springleaf Prata Place – the Ultimate Prata Joint Serving up All Kinds of Prata
Prata places come by dime a dozen, yet Springleaf Prata Place along the Upper Thomson stretch have been drawing a regular crowd both from the neighbouring residents and army boys from the nearby camps as well as the hungry prata-diminishers who are willing to travel down for a plate of this crispy, satisfying flatbread.
Hence, the Shout Team could not pass up on this chance for a taste at their out-of-the-box varieties and Instagram-worthy dishes – true enough, our recent visit concluded that this spot is well-known for good reasons.
1. Murtaburger $7.00
Featured under the Ultimate Hawkerfest (a festival that celebrates Singapore’s Hawker Heritage by featuring our local well-loved hawkers and chefs) selections in their massive menu, this unfamiliar twist on their prata may well be strangely familiar to most of us. Think a generous chunk of mozzarella, mutton patty, egg and a dollop of chilli, mayonnaise and pepper sauce enclosed in a prata – essentially our Ramly Burger taken over by prata “buns”.
The combination of flavours exactly reminded us of our iconic Ramly Burger, without the patty coming off with a gamey taste – just the way we liked it. It is a successful try at prata-meets-ramly attempt, although the components of the fillings might have slightly overpowered the buttery and doughy goodness of a classic prata.
2. Plaster Blaster $5.00
Another Ultimate Hawkerfest signature, this is their rendition of our well-loved Eggs Benedict on a prata base. With a perfectly poached egg atop slices of honey baked ham on a classic prata, the former is drenched with a nicely-executed hollandaise sauce that is lemony and eggy on the right notes.
The thousand island sauce that come between the runny egg yolk and the ham seems secondary especially with the complementary hollandaise sauce, although a dip into either the fish or chicken curry that comes at the side provides an equally enjoyable alternative to savour the Plaster Blaster.
3. Salted Egg Prawn Prata $12.00
We see what they have did there – always innovating with the latest new flavours according to the locals’ palates, this is yet another applausible dish that have ticked off all the right boxes. What enfolds under their simple yet fragrant prata is a combination of prawns, eggs, mayonnaise and basil leaves that pair well with a strong salted egg paste that is neither gritty or overwhelming.
Savoury eggs bathed in mayonnaise, crunchiness from the bite-sized prawns, occasional sweet and aromatic spice from the basil leaves with the perfect combo of our new-found local favourite, salted egg – this creation is bursting with so much flavour that the accompanying curries have to take a backseat.
4. Mozzarella Cheese Prata $3.00
Undeniably a must-order for all cheese lovers – a thick layer of luscious mozzarella is enveloped in a crispy plain prata, making this seemingly simple prata not so simple on our rankings. Possibly the best and most generous cheese prata we have ever tasted, this is one indulgence that comes with no guilt.
We recommend having this at the start of your meal, or order it to share – the huge portion of cheese might feel a little too rich towards the end.
5. Red Bean Dessert Prata $3.00
A traditional spin to the usual pratas, this is possibly inspired by the Chinese Red Bean Pancakes usually served in Chinese restaurants. The portion is good for 2 – 4 pax to share and you can count on the team to never go easy on their hands with the large slab of red bean paste between two layers of pratas.
Thankfully, the red bean had just the right amount of sweetness, which comes off spectacular when eaten among the crispy paper-thin pratas. Given that even their desserts prata warrants a few thumbs up, we can see why it is almost full-house slightly before lunchtime on a Saturday.
Address: Springleaf Garden 1 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787431
Opening hours: Daily 0700 – 0000
Contact: +65 6459 5670
Other Outlets
Address: 57B Jalan Tua Kong, Singapore 457253
Opening hours: Daily 0800 – 0000
Contact: +65 6636 2935 / 9107 7432
Address: The Rail Mall 396 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678048
Opening hours: Daily 0800 – 0000
Contact: +65 6493 2404 / 9062 6849

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