Steamroom with The Pillar and Stones – Dining, Shopping and Art, all in one.

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Steamroom Shout 5Eating, drinking, shopping and Art-jamming – you would never think of doing these activities within the same space. However, with the opening of multi-concept contemporary lifestyle store, Steamroom with The Pillar and oneones, these activities will no longer have to be mutually exclusive. Steamroom Shout 2
The brainchild of local artist, Wong Lip Chin, Steamroom with The Pillar and Stones (or more easily remembered by its acronym, SRPS) occupies a tranquil yet brightly-lit space on the third floor of Orchard Central. Similar to its unique name, Wong weaved his intention of invoking curiosity into the store’s unusual concept with three separate entities, Steamroom which is the tea room, The Pillar which is the restaurant and Stones which is the retail space cum art lab, all placed under one roof
Steamroom Shout 2
At SRPS, Steamroom is the designated tea room. More than just a place where customers can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea, it is also where Oriental culture meets Western technology.
Contrary to the Western-based concept which the store seemingly projects, Steamroom does not leave behind our Asian heritage amidst our contemporary lifestyle with mainly Chinese teas hailing from different origins filling up the selections on the tea menu. With selections available for different palates, try the Keemun Kung Fu Red Tea which originates from Anhui, China for something rich and full-bodied or the Frozen Peak Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan if you’d prefer something more mild yet refreshing. All at $7.50 for a pot, you’d be spoilt for choice with the other selections of Black Tea, Pu-Er, Oolong and Green Tea to choose from.
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Though boasting an East Asian tea menu, the way in which these teas are prepared defies the traditional method of brewing Chinese tea. Adopting a Western twist, two high-tech Steampunk machines uses steam to flush water upwards in order for the tea to be brewed. This advanced technique is controlled by a single IPad which in turn, ensures that the temperature, pressure and amount of water in the tea is highly precise and adapted to the nature of the tea leaves. What is birthed from this process? A cup of intricately brewed tea packed full with flavour and served at its optimum for you to sip on.
Steamroom tea
No worries, caffeine addicts, SRPS did not leave you behind. Steamroom also serves coffee from a variety of blends for your little afternoon perk-me-up.

The Pillar
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It is known that food is a common thread which brings people closer. Similarly at SRPS, with the belief that food is the ‘pillar’ of gatherings, The Pillar which houses the restaurant segment, was conceived.
Holding the reins of the kitchen, Executive Chef Stephan Zoisal (whom also owns Chef’s Table at Tras Street) has dreamt up a menu of contemporary cuisine that brings together various flavours from different parts of the world into perfect harmony.
Angus Beef Tartare ($16)
Steamroom beef tartar
For appetisers, the Angus Beef Tartare which occupies a space on the menu under ‘Raw’ features hand-chopped beef filet that is marinated by the traditional flavours of chives, mustard seeds and dijonnaise and is artistically topped of with sourdough chips.
Accompanying the Beef Tartare, the in-house sourdough bread which gustatorily places the finishing touches to this dish will have you clamouring for more. The perfect medley of the Tartare’s soft texture blends seamlessly with the crunch of the bread that is perfectly pan fried with butter and olive oil. You could even ask for second servings on the sourdough bread, we bet you will.
Spanner Crab Salad ($15)
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Another starter which will ease you into the full course is the Spanner Crab Salad. With this dish, flavours from different places are married to put together a tangy yet refreshing salad which features generous chunks of chewy yet tender crab meat that is dressed in wasabi mayonnaise and balanced with apple textures. Not forgetting presentation, the dish is pleasantly surrounded by red veined sorrel to appeal to the eyes of customers.
Burrata Cheese Salad ($15)
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Cheese lovers, you may want to opt for the Burrata Cheese Salad to start off your meal. With a dollop of fresh burrata being the base, the dish is vibrantly coloured by sundries tomatoes, red olives and nasturtium leaves. However, what really puts the dish together would have to be the drizzled olive oil caviar that delivers bursts of flavours to the dish together with the dried, crispy quinoa that packs a delightful crunch amidst the velvety texture of the cheese. Your tastebuds may be confused with the alternating textures but with the flavours involved, you may just ignore it anyway.
Salmon Ochazuke ($24)
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Here’s a main that will remind you of your Mother’s comforting home cooked soup that warms you on a cold night – the Salmon Ochazuke. Bringing the food selection to East Asia, this is SRPS’s modern take on a classic Japanese dish. The base – the staple Japanese rice, is adorned with briefly yet perfectly seared slices of Norwegian salmon to achieve a slightly charred exterior yet raw interior that unknowingly melts in your mouth. Topped off with Salmon caviar that releases a sapid saltiness upon chewing into and edamame beans, this dish unifies unlikely ingredients into one.
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Definitely the star of the dish would have to be the warm, smoked dashi sauce which brings together the ingredients of the dish with its rich flavour. Also, it is what makes the dish rather soup-like to achieve that warm yet homely feeling. This is definitely one for those who feel slightly weary and crave some sort of fuzzy warm in food form.
Lobster Fregola Sarda Pasta ($28)
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Another main that will be sure to leave you too stuffed and too satisfied to walk, the Lobster Fregola Sarda Pasta features a unique form of pasta that is visually, almost reminiscent of couscous but yet, has the chewy texture that reminds us of Barley grains. Bathed in a rich, vibrantly coloured lobster bisque that hides generous servings of crab chunks, it is served with an onsen egg (Get ready for your Instagram Boomerangs!) and topped with shaved Parmesan and spring onions. Mix them all together and you will get a rich and creamy dish that is chock full of flavour. Our advice? Share this creamy goodness with a friend.
Pottimaron Pumpkin Risotto ($22)
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Here’s one for those who are vegetarian or for those, who would prefer a less creamy alternative to the Lobster Fregola Sarda Pasta, the Pottimaron Pumpkin Risotto. The loudly-colored butter yellow risotto is visually and gustatorily, made more vibrant as it is accompanied by roasted winter squash that is nutty yet tenderly sweet together with pickled pumpkins that deliver a surprising zest of tanginess to the dish. Dotted by creamy burrata, nasturtium leaves and pumpkin seeds, the vibrant orange of the dish is probably a visual reflection of how your tastebuds would feel.
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Inspired by Red ($14)
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Incorporating Artistic inspiration into their desserts, Inspired by Red is fashioned after red splashes of paint on a canvas. However, instead of inedible paint, the red hues of fruits such as strawberries and raspberries are used to create a similar masterpiece.
On this dish, you can see the product of the various ways in which one can work with the fruits as the plate is decorated with raspberry sorbet and strawberry mousse which is then sprinkled with crunchy freeze-dried bits, drizzled with sauce and surrounded by generous chunks of strawberries. Not to forget, it is topped with light strawberry meringues that are placed to form an arc over the base of the dessert – it looks as grand as it tastes.
Chocolate Gateau & Mandarin Orange Sorbet ($15)
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A dessert which takes a fusion twist, the Chocolate Gateau & Mandarin Orange Sorbet packs a contrasting punch as it plays with the tangy citrusy flavour of the sorbet and the earthy, bold and rich flavour of the Chocolate Gateau. Yet, both contrasting flavours are a winning combination as they coalesce into a perfect harmony that don’t overpower each other. Definitely, this will be a less sweet yet still flavourful alternative to Inspired by Red.
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Dedicated to the retail space cum art lab, Stones is where customers can go for retail therapy as they browse through shelves of bags, clothes and other items or to unleash their creativity at Art-jamming sessions and Art workshops.
Come July, there will be masterclasses, workshops and Art jamming sessions  led by Artists themselves. This will definitely be a good opportunity for Art enthusiasts or budding Artists to learn more about the Art which these professionals have to offer.
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After your Art session, you could wind down by taking a look at the retail space which boasts a range of lifestyle brands, each with their own unique take on their merchandise. The retail space features international labels such as Portuguese men’s grooming label Musgo Real, Spanish contemporary footwear for women, LOQ and in house-labels, Ultramarine Studio and In Real Life which is a facet of multi-label lifestyle and fashion company, Emporium of the Modern Man (EoMM). Indeed, the retail items are of the most unique and interesting designs that we have ever seen and it will definitely pique your interest as well.
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-08, Singapore 238896
Opening hours:
10AM-10PM (Monday to Sunday)
+65 65920571

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