Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway

Newly burrowed in Orchard Gateway’s outlets is Sugar Lips – a sweet-treat wonderland for the indulgent sweet-tooth. From the ambience, layout and design, Sugar Lips does not let up on its fun and whimsical concept – educating patrons on the important experience of enjoying every part of devouring your dessert. Walls dripping with paint in myriad colours, seating walls situated such that you can enjoy a considerably private dessert affair with those you love are simply a few things that make this pop-art inspired outlet an intriguing one.
Sugar Lips Interior
With a loud and eye-catching entrance and outlook, the surprise ceases to end just there. The dessert chefs that prepare your dessert, whether you decide to pick a delectable cake or a stone cold gelato, have the final say on your toppings to surprise and cater to your sugar rush – making the entire affair one void of a dull moment!
Chocolate Seduction Truffle Cake 
Choc 2Chocolate 1
A dessert recommended by the team at Sugar Lips, the Chocolate Seduction Truffle Cake is a definite must-order for all time chocolate lovers. Appealing visually with a dark hazelnut colour, the cake’s flavour is thankfully not as heavy and thick as it looks – making for a delicate balance between the decorative sweets and the cake itself.
Rainbow Fantasy Cake
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 2
Rainbow 3
The main show in this dessert, without a doubt, is the Rainbow Cake. Unlike most other conventional rainbow cakes that appease the senses only through colour, Sugar Lips’ Rainbow Cake indeed takes the cake – soft, spongy in the messy array of colours, syrups and toppings, this choice was a SHOUT favourite.
Magic Matcha Azuki Layer Cake
Matcha 1
Matcha 2
Yet another niche and upcoming flavour, Green Tea lovers cannot forgo this ensemble. With the scrawled and whimsical visuals, the surprise toppings and the sweet syrups settled, the Matcha cake will not fail to satisfy. With two distinct layers – green tea cream layer at the top and a red bean paste layer at the bottom, this cake is definitely the choice for a creamy and satisfying end.
Over The Rainbow
Over the rainbow
Mainly a concoction of orange juice and different coloured syrups, the attraction attached to this drink lies in its presentation. The different syrups settle on each other amidst the orange juice and form different gradients that it ultimately pleasing to the eye – resulting in a mildly greenish-orange teal to the visuals. Taste-wise, the fruity taste from the orange component is definitely a wise choice when pairing with a creamier cake or gelato to wash down.
Pineapple Mintdaze
A SHOUT favourite amongst the beverages tasted, the Pineapple Mintdaze is everything its name entails it to be. With a prominent and striking mint taste paired with the Pineapple’s citrus contribution, the drink is thoroughly thirst-quenching. If you are simply on the bandwagon with your friends and decide to have a fresh dessert as opposed to a conventional heavy one, the Pineapple Mintdaze is just for you.
The price scheme for Sugar Lips is as follows:
Gelato with a mix of 2 scoops SGD 9.90
Standard Cake Set (1 dessert and 1 topping) SGD 12.90
Medium Cake Set (1 dessert and 2 toppings) SGD 14.90
Large Cake Set (1 dessert and 3 toppings) SGD 16.90
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 11am to 10pm
Instagram: @eatsugarlips

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