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Thai Prop Maker Creates Gundam-Inspired Face Masks-Only 9 Pieces In The World!

Poot Padee, a prop maker from Thailand, recently revealed his latest creation that will surely excite many anime fans!


This robotic mask is inspired by Gundam, a popular Japanese anime series. Handmade by Poot Padee himself, the Sinanju Gundam Ranger mask has a head strap, and even a working LED eye light!


This Sinanju Gundam Ranger mask is priced at US$249 and it is open for pre-order over at his official Facebook page. Each mask is handmade, so buyers should expect 5-6 months until they receive their limited edition masks. On top of that, only 9 pieces are available in the world so there is a possibility that it is already sold out!


Visit his Instagram and Facebook page to view more of his anime-inspired art pieces!

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