This Mega Yacht Has A Private Beach

Luxury takes on a whole new meaning with this super yacht. Known as the 108M Mega Yacht (referring to its 108-meter-long “mono hull”), this hybrid concept by Hariede Design is all about a providing a seamless indoor-outdoor experience and a strong connectivity to nature.
mega-yacht-concept-hareide-design-06-1200x800 mega-yacht-concept-hareide-design-05-1200x800 mega-yacht-concept-hareide-design-07-1200x800

An elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden, two pools, a double-story “Grand Hall” with a spectacular floor-to-ceiling window are just some of the nature-meets-luxury features in this mega yacht. The ceiling-to-floor windows in the Grand Hall offers an unobstructed view of the vast ocean, and the Scandinavian decor gives the ship an overall clean and minimal aesthetic. 


The highlight of this yacht – the very element that separates it from all other luxury yachts – is the beach that offers a seamless transition to the water. Unlike most other yachts where passengers can only appreciate nature from the deck, this ingenious design gives you a more immersive and active experience of nature.

mega-yacht-concept-hareide-design-02-1200x800 mega-yacht-concept-hareide-design-03-1200x800

Amenities aside, the ship is also equipped with over 3,000 square feet of solar panels that will charge banks of lithium-ion batteries, providing it with sustainable energy and adequate power for a relaxing cruise down the coast. A diesel-electric propulsion is also available to power long-distance voyages at a faster speed. If you’re expecting visitors in the middle of the ocean, the helipad on board will defo come in useful.


The 108M Mega Yacht is more than just a floating luxury hotel, it is an active experience of nature’s unparalleled beauty in the most intimate and luxurious way. Nature lovers, this is how you can relish in nature’s best without compromising an ounce of comfort. The 108M will remain a concept until buyers show interest – we can’t wait to see this mammoth of a super yacht in real life.

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