This Secret Theatrical Dining Experience Is One Of The Best Dinner Dates Ever

A 4-course meal, secret doorways, and hella fun at ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (11)
As a lifestyle writer, I’ve been to my share of fancy dinners, plays, and cafes, but none has been as grand, bold, and fun as ANDSOFORTH – a pop-up restaurant that combines theatrics and dining, and the same cheeky folks behind the hilariously raunchy Adventures In Grimsneyland.
For the uninitiated, it’s basically an out-of-this-world combination of a secret location only revealed to diners 24 hours before the show, an interactive play that transports you to a fictitious world, and a scrumptious 4-course meal served to you during the show – need I say more?

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (7)

Now they’re back with Marie & The Nutcracker, a very special take on the classic tale complete with gangsta raps and M18 jokes. Without ruining too much of the surprises for you – that’s a major part of the show – here’s a peek into what will be an exhilarating night to remember:
Right from the get-go, the fun starts with locating the venue. The address will only be sent via text 24 hours before the show starts, and even so, it’s not going to be as easy as it seems – keep your eyes peeled for clues around the nondescript building!

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (3)

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (1)
Climb all the way up to the top!

Step right into the restaurant to enter Judge Silberhaus’ opulent mansion, beautifully decorated with lots of gold, plush couches, and a sleek bar.

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (12)

His warm welcome consists of lighthearted games and warm mulled wine, and this is the only place where diners can order beverages. Here’s a tip – go for Chocolate Fantasy ($19) if you’re a fan of Baileys and milo, and opt for Purple Passion ($19) if you’re looking for something strong and refreshing to kick back!

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (10)
ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (2)

At this very moment, you’ll be greeted by a very dramatic entrance from Marie’s godfather, Drosselmeyer, who hands a Nutcracker doll to her. That’s when the real adventure begins, kick-starting with a climb through a very unexpected doorway.

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (6)

The first on the list for us to meet is the Sugar Plum Fairy Princess, who awed everyone with her acrobatics. Get ready to freeze like you’re inanimate toys when her helpers enter the room to serve the first course of the night – beef goulash and basmati rice!

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (4)

As you’re rallying together with the rest of the “toys” to master the lyrics of a song needed to defeat the Mouse King, an ominous red wave of light will flood the room. Yet another cleverly designed wall will turn to reveal the third act of the night – the battlefield.

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (9)
The evil Mouse King

Help the cursed but no less charming Nutcracker to finally overthrow the Mouse King, who’s been petulantly sitting atop the throne for 4 whole years. I won’t go into details what the battle is like, but one thing’s for sure – it’s super intense and full of surprises!

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (5)
ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (8)
Once you’ve defeated the Mouse King, slurp down a hearty mug of pumpkin soup pumpkin soup topped with feta cheese foam, sunflower seeds, and walnuts!

Recuperate from the battle at the Court Astronomer’s luminous den, lit with plenty of neon “constellations” and cosy cushions strewn on the floor. Get comfy as you dig into bangers and mash drizzled with truffle oil while listening to his wise old tale of Marie, The Nutcracker, and a crazy love for – wait for it – bacon.

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (13)

Grab a homemade candied bacon on your way out and into a forest in the Kingdom of Sweets, the show’s finale! The Nutcracker’s curse has been lifted and he’s a hormonal teenage boy once more who is looking for love, and besides a delightful “Sexy Candy” romp by the Sexy Candy Trio, you’re in for a marriage proposal and an orange sorbet with a roasted peanut salted caramel crumble as dessert – basically a sugar rush.

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (15)

After the show has ended, it’s photo time and uploading the photo onto Instagram with the hashtag #andsoforthsg unlocks a complimentary shot at the bar. Don’t be afraid to approach the actors if you see them there – they’ll be more than happy to strike up a conversation!

ANDSOFORTH’s Marie & The Nutcracker (14)

While Marie & The Nutcracker runs till 5th January, shows have already been selling out – grab your tickets while they’re still available here!
P.S. You might want to revisit this badass song before heading down.

This post was sponsored by ANDSOFORTH.

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