USD$810 Louis Vuitton Eraser Necklace

Virgil Abloh is a household name in the headlines of innumerable fashion and business-centric publications. From being accused of stealing designs, to receiving lengthy reviews on the worthiness of his new collections, the Chief Executive Officer of Off-White and Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton is back at it again – this time, for taking the mundane and elevating it as something worthy of desire. 

If we remember the infamous Supreme brick from the cult skate brand’s FW16 collection, or the $800 Balenciaga Birkenstocks and their innumerable Crocs collaborations, it is clear to see that such product releases are one of many tricks used in modern haute couture.

Featured in the lookbook images of Louis Vuitton’s upcoming Fall-Winter 2021 collection, the particularly ludicrous Eraser Necklace has undoubtedly stolen the spotlight. Showcasing a silver link chain with a monogrammed holster for a fully functional eraser, this necklace is expected to set customers back by at least USD$810.


Complete with clasp closures and an “LV” charm, the creation of the Eraser Necklace is not at all surprising, considering Virgil Abloh has made a name for himself through a variety of iconic red zip ties and tactical strap belts, not forgetting Off-White’s infamous paper clip-shaped ‘Office Supplies’ jewellery collection made in collaboration with Jacob & Co.

Set to release in July 2021 alongside a similarly-styled Pen Necklace, these accessories will be available for sale later in the year at all Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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