Couple Installs Pink Vending Machine & Shipping Container in Four-Room BTO Flat

Singaporeans are growing increasingly creative in their interior home designs. From Pokémon-themed houses to incorporating unconventional elements, these individuals are trailblazing a path of new contemporary living. Utilising the most unheard of elements in interior design, such as a striking cobalt blue shipping container and vibrant pink vending machine, one newlywed couple has set a new standard in modern Singaporean home design.

Footing a $50 to 60k renovation fee, the couple’s 1,000 sq ft four-room BTO flat in Anchorvale Lane took a period of at least four months to complete, and now reflects both individual’s distinct design preferences. Marrying both an industrial theme and a penchant for luxurious finishes in the form of marble and gold, this home eliminates all use of wood and showcases an enlarged living and dining area as its focal point.

Their most notable design feature – the insta-worthy pink vending machine and cobalt blue wall paneling that resembles a shipping container – serves to hide the apartment’s mandatory bomb shelter door. Similar to what we’ve seen in the ever-popular Dragon Chamber along Circular Road, this vending machine is the doorway into another room, though the drinks in its display can be replaced, leaving the homeowners a choice to change up the décor as and when they like.

Other on-theme elements include a full-height cabinet that is clad in a silver metal laminate,  specially made to resemble a metal locker to store footwear, a dining table which doubles-up as a pool table and ping pong table just by either removing the table-top or flipping it to the reverse side.

Complete with an industrial loft-style sliding door and 3D black subway tiles to draw visual interest, this home was immaculately designed to create dedicated space for rest, play, and illusion.

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