We Spill The Tea On Woobbee’s Pei Pa Koa Bubble Milk Tea

Chinese herbal syrup + milk tea + pearls?!

The only memory I have with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa was 10 years ago when my mother would always shove a spoonful of it down my anti-medicine throat. Don’t get me wrong – I knew it worked wonders but I simply hated cough syrups. Especially those bitter pink-coloured ones.

When I heard of Woobbee’s Pei Pa Koa Bubble Milk Tea, I knew I had to try it to find out if my taste buds could accept the medicine in the form of milk tea or if they hate it no matter what shape or form.

Oh and don’t worry, the final verdict will be a fair one thanks to my colleagues who are all neutral unlike me.


Regular – $4.10 | Large – $5.80

The Pei Pa Koa Bubble Tea is a secret menu item which is only available if you ask for it. You can choose from 4 free toppings like black pearls, grass jelly, pudding and nata de coco. But don’t bother choosing your sugar level as there’s no need for sugar since the Pei Pa Koa syrup is already naturally sweet.

So for all of you who’re health-conscious, this drink is not only a low-calorie thirst quencher but also a remedy for sore throat and cough!


This amount of Pei Pa Koa might just make you woozy /winks/

My first sip of Pei Pa Koa Bubble Tea was filled with confusion – it tastes sweet, minty and milky at the same time. There’s even a mild cooling effect which left me feeling refreshed.

Basically, this drink is like peppermint tea with an added milky taste.

I took a couple more sips and desperately tried to find reasons to criticise it but there seemed to be none. Let’s turn to my colleagues and find out what they have to say about it.

Click here to watch my colleagues’ reactions

Well, there seems to be equal votes for ‘Hate It’ and ‘Love It’ if you include my vote which is half a thumbs up, so that means you have to try it for yourself to find out if the Pei Pa Koa Bubble Tea is a drink that’s worth buying!

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