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Yoga-Friendly, Aromatherapy Products and Accessories For Daily Relaxation!

The SHOUT team is always looking for new healthy ways to kick back and destress. While there are innumerable articles and videos online on the benefits and techniques of yoga, have you ever wondered what could further elevate this experience? Like yoga, Sixth Senses prioritises the wellbeing of our mind, body and soul, through customizing and blending handcrafted products with 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Offering a variety of natural aromatherapy products sure to recenter your mind for a much-needed yoga session, this homegrown boutique imports all ingredients directly from farmers and distillers across the world, in order to provide premium products for all. Based on this, here are SHOUT’s top yoga-aiding and daily de-stressing Sixth Senses products!

1.Face and Body Mist ($39.90-$59.90)

After a long day of work, when tired and weary feelings plague us, it is easy to lose the motivation to practice any form of exercise or meditation. Thankfully, Sixth Senses’ face and body mist was designed to give us a refreshing boost of attentive mindfulness and mask any unpleasant natural odors! Comprising of sweet Orange, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Cedarwood and Bergamot essential oils, these sprays do more than calm the skin. In fact, the combination of essential oils repel and defend against insects, and protect skin from fungal and bacterial infections!

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2.Hydrosol ($88-$128)

Hydrosols are water-based products made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant materials. Regarded a by-product of the essential oil manufacturing process, hydrosols share many of the same properties as essential oils, and are significantly less concentrated. Often used in skin care or aromatherapy products, hydrosol facilitates relaxation, stress-relief, better sleep, and natural skin cleansing, whilst its carboxylic acids work to reduce inflammation. As such, the Sixth Senses’ hydrosol products are safe to be used on the face as a mist or toner, and in the air as an air purifier to create a calming ambience. Just remember to shake well before use!

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3.Wristlets ($129)

Whoever said yoga can’t be fashionable, clearly never tried Sixth Senses’ all-new wristlets. This leather bracelet designed to safely diffuse your favourite essential oil scent, can be worn at all times of the day – at work, at home, in a restaurant, and most definitely during a yoga session. Made with a 316L stainless steel locket, these wristlets work to exude beautiful scents with just a few drops of essential oil necessary. Complete with 10 pieces of felt pads in assorted colours, one pouch bag, and one cleaning cloth, these wristlets are reusable and can emanate innumerable pleasant scents over the course of its usage.

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4.Diffuser Necklace ($89)

Similarly, the Sixth Senses’ diffuser necklace can be worn at all times of the day, and is designed to safely diffuse your favourite essential oil scent. Complete with one pouch bag, 10 pieces of felt pads, and an interchangeable design pendant of your choosing, each diffuser necklace showcases a brass and silver plated chain with varying amounts of crystals and lava stones on each locket.

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5.Mask Clipper ($29)

The most tiresome aspect, beyond the issue of pimples, of wearing a reusable mask all day has got to be the smell. At some point or another, we’ve all endured the unbearable heat of our own carbon dioxide. Thankfully, to make matters easier, the Sixth Senses mask diffuser locket, otherwise known as the ‘mask clipper’, enables you to breathe in aromatherapy on-the-go! Safely diffusing your favourite essential oil scents, whilst inconspicuously pinned to your mask or shirt collar, these mask clippers are a convenient accessory to have when partaking in group activities! Made from stainless steel, this product comes complete with 8 pieces of felt pads and a single pouch for safekeeping.

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6.Lemongrass & Marjoram Soothe and Relax Body Wash ($59.90)

Nothing beats taking a nice long shower after a day of work and fitness. The next time you reach for your regular store-bought soap, consider treating yourself to Sixth Senses’ Lemongrass & Marjoram Soothe and Relax body wash! Regarded a gentle paraben-free body wash that not only eliminates synthetic fragrances and colourants, but contains pure essential oils of refreshing lemongrass and comforting marjoram, this product is specially designed to relax and soothe the body while it lathers into a thick, rich foam for luxurious cleansing.

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7.Confidence Nourishing & Scalp Care Shampoo ($59.90)

Seal the deal in the shower with Sixth Senses’ Confidence Nourishing & Scalp Care shampoo. This scalp-friendly sulphate and paraben free product contains 3 essential oils – Lavender for calming the scalp, alongside Rosemary and Cedarwood which cleanse and enhance circulation to the scalp, tighten the follicles, stimulate healthy growth, reduce thinning, and slow hair loss.

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8.Sweet Orange & Lemon Hand Wash ($39.90)

Turn all daily hygiene habits into an opportunity to enjoy whiffs of aromatherapy. The Sweet Orange & Lemon hand wash by Sixth Senses is a luxurious and gentle hand cleanser that contains refreshing sweet orange and zesty lemon essential oils which cleanse and protect your hands from germs, keeping your skin refreshed and moisturised.

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9.Esteem Roll-On ($39)

Complete your daily relaxation routine with this final product. Like the name suggests, the Esteem Roll-On packages a blend of essential oils including, Jojoba oil, Sweet Orange oil, Rose Geranium oil, Lavender oil, Cedarwood atlas oil, and Bergamot oil, in a neat and convenient 10ml roll-on tube, helping users feel empowered, calm and relaxed in a few swipes!

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