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1. Taylor Adam

Don’t be fooled by Taylor Adam’s appearance: it might look like a tailor shop, but look a little closer and you’ll find a moody bar that’ll transport you right to the set of Kingsman.

Walking into Taylor Adam, it looks unsuspectingly like an ordinary tailor shop—the walls lined with various fabrics and measuring tools all around. But step inside their curtained “dressing room” and you’ll find yourself in a gorgeous, British-inspired bar serving curated cocktails that will take you on a  whirlwind adventure around the world.

Taylor Adam serves bespoke cocktails inspired by trade and travel, with signature cocktails ($22.80) such as Time Traveller’s Wife, Lung and Dangerous, Turkish Delight and more.


Address: 1 Raffles Pl, #01-03, Singapore 048616

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 5pm-10.30pm


2. Mama Diam

The highly raved about Mama Diam is one speakeasy bar that hits close to home, with its nostalgic mama shop-like exterior and decor. To anyone walking past, Mama Diam looks inconspicuously like an actual mama shop from the old days: with troves of nostalgic snacks, toys and paraphernalia.

Push past the unassuming wall of raunchy old magazines and CDs and there’s the real heart of Mama Diam: a cosy bar with an entire menu of local-inspired bites and cocktails. Try drinks like Pandan Sour ($16), Rosie ($16) or Smoked Halia ($16).


Address: 38 Prinsep Street #01-01, Singapore 188665

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday, 4pm-10.30pm


3. Brown Sugar

Situated among the many shophouses of Keong Saik Road is Tempura Oji—a seemingly ordinary Japanese storefront offering “late-night tempura”. Seems average enough right? Think again: hidden behind the facade of a Japanese tempura joint is a secret bar!

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Peep the double fridges off to the side, each storing chilled craft beers. Push through the fridge door that says “Brewdog” and you’ll be in tempura Oji’s secret bar, Brown Sugar! Get cocktails like The Blind Pig ($24) along with a steaming bowl of Shio Tonkotsu Ramen ($15). 


Address: 51 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089008

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm & 5.30pm-10pm


4. The Dragon Chamber

Enter The Dragon Chamber—a run-of -the-mill wanton mee shop holding a chamber of wonders within.

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Look past the fridge of the “wanton mee shop” and enter the bar’s space that looks like one of those classic Chinese restaurant cum secret mafia hideouts you see in the movies. Try cocktails like the Mojito Twist ($16) or Crazy For Coconuts ($22); and if you’re game, try one of their adventurous menu items such as an entire Dragon Claw ($55)!


Address: 2 Circular Road, Singapore 049358

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-3pm & 5pm-10.30pm


5. Employees Only

Want to get your fortune read? Sorry, unfortunately while it may have all the marks of a mysterious fortune teller’s den, this door actually leads to a super secret, exclusive bar!

Welcome to the famed Employees Only bar,: don’t be misled by the mystifying red curtained doors, complete with a red neon “psychic” sign no less. Through the curtains is the dim, intimate space that is Employees Only, one of the World’s Best Bars. Don’t miss out on their signature cocktails like Amelia ($25), Mata Hari ($25), Ready Fire Aim ($25) and many others!


Address: 112 Amoy Street, Singapore 069932

Opening Hours: 4pm-10.30pm daily


6. Roxy Bar

Truly, things are not what they seem with Roxy Bar: with not just one but two secret entrances. You can choose to enter via the nondescript, unmarked walkway and door; or enter via the back entrance of Miss Fitz Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant out front that conceals the existence of Roxy Bar.

Once you’re in Roxy Bar, be transported to the groovy 1970s in New York City, with the bar bathed in sultry red lighting. Highlights at Roxy Bar include the Party Penicillin ($26), Love is the Drug ($22) and New York Dolls Sour ($23), just to name a few.


Address: The Sail at Marina Bay, 6 Marina Blvd #01-19, Singapore 018985

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 5pm-10.30pm


7. Junior the Pocket Bar

You might know Junior the Pocket Bar’s old crib: a tiny watering hole with limited seating. Now, the well-loved Junior the Pocket Bar is not so pocket-sized any more, after having moved to a new space with a larger capacity!

This time, you’ll have to get past the side door of Maxi Coffee Bar and you’ll be able to access the romantic contemporary bar. Junior serves Peruvian cocktails ($25) like the Camu Camu, El Capitan, Leche De Tigre, as well as a slew of accompanying Peruvian street foods.


Address: 6 Ann Siang Hill Rd, Singapore 069787

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 5.30pm-10.30pm


8. The Horse’s Mouth

You heard it right from the horse’s mouth: this bar might just be the best secret bar you’ve ever seen. The Horse’s Mouth is a gorgeous Japanese-inspired bar decked in eclectic origami flowers all around. 

The bar’s entrance is discreet to say the least, you’ll have to enter via Uma Uma Izakaya Restaurant & Bar, brave the dark stairway down till you reach the strange curtained doors. Signature cocktails ($22) include the Blooming Blossoms, Mr Shelby, Empress Martini and more!


Address: Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road #B1-39

Opening Hours: 5pm-10.30pm daily