Ziploc Clothes And Accessories Are Now A Thing In Japan And They Are Insanely Fashionable

Japan’s Ziploc x BEAMS fashion collection

Ziploc x BEAMS 2Source: BEAMS

First we had IKEA clothes, then we had FedEx fashion – now, we have Ziploc couture.
A new and ridiculously aesthetic collaboration between Ziploc and Japanese clothing label BEAMS, the Ziploc fashion collection boasts completely wearable and reusable plastic hats, fanny packs, backpacks, aprons, tote bags, and even sun visors!

Ziploc x BEAMS 8Source: BEAMS

Each comes with the signature resealable Ziploc zipper, and has been carefully made to be extremely durable with designer tags included.

Ziploc x BEAMS 3Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Backpack – ¥14,040 (SGD$172.61)

Ziploc x BEAMS 5The front is completely see-through! Source: BEAMS

Ziploc x BEAMS 9But the back and base are made with a sturdy mesh and cloth material. Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Tote Bag – ¥11,880 (SGD$146.06)

Ziploc x BEAMS 10Comes in colours pink and white! Source: BEAMS

Ziploc x BEAMS 11Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Fanny Pack – ¥9,504 (SGD$116.84)

Ziploc x BEAMS 7Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Sacoche Saddle Bag – ¥1,944 (SGD$23.90)

Ziploc x BEAMS 13Comes in 5 different colours – White, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Sax Blue. Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Apron – ¥10,800 (SGD$132.78)

Ziploc x BEAMS 1Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Cap – ¥9,720 (SGD$119.50)

Ziploc x BEAMS 12Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Sun Visor – ¥9,072 (SGD$111.53)

Ziploc x BEAMS 14Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Umbrella – ¥9,936 (SGD$122.16)
Ziploc x BEAMS 4
Source: BEAMS

Ziploc Pouch – ¥1,296 (SGD$15.93)

Ziploc x BEAMS 15Source: BEAMS

Ziploc x BEAMS 6Available in 5 different colours too! Source: BEAMS

Available for purchase at selected BEAMS stores in Japan and online here since 20th August, make sure to snag yours and seal the deal before they’re all sold out!
Check out their tongue-in-cheek TV Shopping-inspired commercial here:

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