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$2.90 British Import Coca Cola Flavours in Spicy, Woody, Smoky & Herbal @ NTUC FairPrice Finest!

These super retro, British import Coca Cola bottles are now for sale in NTUC FairPrice Finest! Worth a mere $2.90 per bottle, this unique line of our favourite sweet drinks are available in a diverse range of flavours including Spicy, Woody, Smoky, and Herbal!

Made from a variety of different ingredients, the Spicy Coca Cola incorporates lime, ginger, rosemary, jasmine, and jalapeno, whereas the Herbal Coca Cola features hops, dill seeds, tagetes, and lemongrass.

Interested customers can expect the Smoky Coca Cola to feature with notes of ylang-ylang, ambrette seeds, Peru balsam, oak extract and guaiacwood, whilst the Woody Coca Cola showcases notes of patchouli, balsam copaiba, basil, vetiver, and yuzu.

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