A 10-Step Facial At Only $19 Nett with Fresver

There are two types of people in this world – those who get facials regularly, and those who don’t. At all. If you happen to fall under the latter, this might be the perfect opportunity to convert. Even if you do get facials regularly, you’d still want to book an appointment for Fresver’s Chromotherapy Crystal Infusion Facial immediately with its ridiculous price – we know we do.SHOUT FRESVER
If you haven’t heard of Fresver Beauty, this parlour has actually been in the market since 1988. With its long standing, four outlets, and many beauty awards, you can rest assured that Fresver Beauty is a brand you can entrust your precious face to.
The best part about the facial treatment on offer? It’s suitable for any skin type. Whether you have skin as dry as the Sahara desert, or skin so oily America’s trying to invade it, this treatment would still be as effective for you – especially since an in-depth skin analysis would be done prior to the treatment.
Unlike most facials where you’d just get right into it, Fresver gives time for a short consultation with your therapist. A form would be handed out for you to fill in, and your therapist would do some scanning of your skin in order to determine your problem areas, as well as to choose the appropriate products for your treatment.
All the products used in Fresver’s treatments come exclusively from Summe (S+) Cosmetics – a line of facial products from Spain with 5 ranges, offering targeted solutions for all ages and all skin types. Their products are grouped, aesthetically and conveniently, by colour – purple for dry skin, green for oily and acne-prone skin, and orange for mature skin.
With the diagnosis done, your therapist would guide you to a cozy room where you can get changed and get comfortable, while she gathers the needed supplies for your hour of pampering. Each room has a different temperature, so do feel free to sound out if you’d like a slightly warmer or colder room for your facial.
Finally, we get down to business.
Aroma Tension Release
To help you settle into your treatment, the facial starts off with a dedicated relaxation session. Aroma essential oils are used coupled with a brief scalp and face point massage, which quickly eases you into the treatment. The best part about the treatment may well be the massages – and yes, there are plenty.
Double Cleansing
Next, double cleansing is done to remove any make-up as well as thoroughly clean your skin. Point make-up was first removed with the S+ Two Phases make-up remover, and the remaining by the Glaciar Cleanning Milk, which is a moisturizing cleansing milk suitable for sensitive skin. Of course, products used will vary according to skin type.
For the double cleanse, our therapist used the Cell C Cleanning Mousse, a citrusy, sweet-smelling, facial wash which deep cleans your dry skin while leaving it feeling hydrated.
After cleansing came toner, and the Glaciar Soft Lotion was applied.
Diamond Dermabrasion
Then came the first mechanic of the facial treatment – the diamond peel. Exfoliation was done using a device that had a gentle vacuum suction as well as genuine micro-diamond crystals in the tips, which were meant to brighten your skin.
Dead skin cells were removed with this machine, and the skin did look visibly brighter to the naked eye after one half of the face was done. If you have acne scars, this step would do a good job lightening them.
Extraction is no one’s favourite step, but it has to be done. Do note that your therapist will advise on whether your skin type is suitable for extracting after the Diamond Dermabrasion.
As per usual, blackheads, whiteheads, and stubborn pimples are extracted by the therapist at this step.
Antibacterial Treatment Zap
Following extraction is an essential step that most facial parlours skip over – an anti-bacterial treatment to sanitise the freshly extracted areas such that the future formation of pimples are prevented. Appropriately named the Antibacterial Treatment “Zap”, this is done with a direct high frequency facial treatment, in which a high frequency current is passed through a glass mushroom electrode and onto your skin. It may sting a little, but that’s when you know it works.
Chromotherapy Infusion
The next mechanic of the facial would be the Chromotherapy Infusion, a facial treatment that uses colour light to target a variety of skin concerns. A layer of intensive hydro-essence is first applied onto the skin for penetration, before this treatment commences.SHOUT FRESVER
A total of 3 different lights are used – red for anti-aging and lifting, blue for anti-inflammation, and green for oil control. Duo and triple light functions are also possible, in which different colours of light are used at the same time for a more well-rounded treatment.
SHOUT FRESVERThe colour light – or micro-sonic carrier plates – effectively infuses vitamins and hyaluronic acid deep into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and lifted. The lifting had been especially effective, as the fine lines became visibly less prominent immediately after the treatment.
This step did not sting at all, and the light simply felt warm against the skin.
Facial Massage + Shoulder Massage
With the conclusion of the final mechanic of the facial, it was time to wind-down. A thorough face and shoulder massage is conducted with a combination of moisturiser and massage oil, and this step felt incredibly relaxing – if the rest of the facial hadn’t been already.
Collagen Mask
One final step of rejuvenation would be the application of a Collagen Mask, a mask created by mixing rose water and collagen powder to create a thick, almost rubber-like, mask that could be peeled off in one pull. After mixing, this mask is thickly layered onto your skin, and left on for a good 15 minutes for maximum effect. We don’t blame you if you fall asleep at this point.
Warm Compress
After removing the mask, a warm compress is used on your face as a final touch. Moisturiser and sunblock are then applied before you are sent out into the light.
Scalp Massage
To end off, a short scalp massage is performed. With so many massages having been done during this short hour, this had been the perfect way to round it all off.
SHOUT FRESVERPost-Consultation
After the entire treatment, another skin analysis is done, allowing the results to speak for themselves. We were impressed – the skin was brighter, hydrated, and most of the clogged pores had been cleared – a skin analysis hadn’t really been needed to see that. Even with no make-up on, you’d be able to walk out of this parlour more confident than ever, and all at an extremely affordable price.
To claim this exclusive offer, simply SMS  your <name>, <age> and <SHOUTA> to 9011 1234!
T&C: valid only for first time customers aged 21-65, who are Singaporeans, PRs, SP/EP/WP/DP Holders only. Promo till 3rd October 2017.

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