Coffee Bean's Newest Mug Has A Little Hedgehog Swimming In Your Tea

When it comes to collectible cups and cute mugs, Starbucks is usually ahead of the game.
Coffee Bean has joined the game with a new adorable hedgehog cup! The coffee chain is now selling a hedgehog mug, which retails at $22.90 and only be found at selected Coffee Bean stores.
Here’s how the mug looks like:
coffee bean mug
The cup might look like just any other Coffee Bean mug from the outside, but take a look again when you’re taking a sip of your drink. The cute little hedgehog swimming in the middle of the cup will greet you with every sip! And if you’re drinking coffee, the hedgehog will slowly emerge from the darkness as you down your coffee.
coffee bean hedgehog mug
If this doesn’t steal your heart, we don’t know what will.
The Hedgehog Cup, $22.90, is now available at selected The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf stores islandwide, while stocks last. 
Images from The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf/ Facebook

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