Discover Hundreds of Different Pokémon in the Region's First-Ever PokéMon Research Exhibition at S.E.A. Aquarium

Playing the Pokemon Games, watching the televised series, and even the onslaught of Pokemon Go! has only proven the entertainment franchise’ place in the many hearts of those who want to catch em’ all. Yet another way of satiating your Pokemon addiction has surfaced, with Resorts World Sentosa hosting for the first time ever out of Japan, The Pokemon Research Exhibition.
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This investigative cum interactive exhibition works as follows: Visitors will first choose their desired difficulty levels from three Pokeballs – a regular Pokeball, a great ball or an ultra ball – before placing it at four observation machines of random choice. From there on they will collect clues, such as the Pokemon’s distinctive characteristics and silhouettes, to help them guess which Pokemon is contained within the Pokeballs they have chosen.
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The main investigative journey aside, the exhibition also includes a larger-than-life Pokedex wall that displays the unique characteristics of more than 700 Pokemon. You will be met with 8 game stations.

1. Footprint Collector: This is where you reveal the footprint of the Pokemon, if any, and take not of how many claws/toes are in the footprints.

2. Silhouette Shooter: Reveal the silhouette of the Pokemon as seen from above. Try to imagine what the Pokemon looks like from the front using the top silhouette.

3. Outline Shooter: Reveal the Pokemon’s outline as seen from the front – step on the board more to see more!

4. Face Magnifier: Reveal a selected area of the Pokemon in close-up. Select this carefully and you may just see a telltale feature.

5. Height Gauge: Reveal the height of the Pokemon, which you can cross-reference with on the Pokedex.

6. Weight Gauge: Reveal the weight of the Pokemon, which can also be cross-referenced on the Pokedex.

7. Appearance Analyser: Description of the Pokemon’s characteristics like colour, shape and other distinguishing features

8. Cry Checker: Listen to the cry of the Pokemon – if your Pokemon has a unique cry, this will help you identify it.

Answer Checker: You can check your answers here finally after getting 4 clues and identifying the Pokemon!


As if enclosed in a legitimate world of Pokemon, Pikachu fans will also be additionally delighted to know that the iconic face and mascot of the Pokemon Franchise will be making an appearance, so get your hopes and cameras ready to fully soak in this defining experience on your Pokemon journey. The Pikachu appearances are set daily at 1130am, 230pm, and 530pm inside Pokemon Research Exhibition & S.E.A. Aquarium for the 230pm slots.

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Take note that an S.E.A Aquarium One-day pass is a prerequisite in entering the Pokemon Research Exhibition. The ticketing prices are as follows:

For Pokemon Research Exhibition Admission:
SGD 5+

For the Exclusive Promotion which entails one S.E.A Aquarium admission day pass, a Pokemon Research Exhibition pass, and an SGD 5 retail voucher:
Children (aged 4 to 12): SGD 23
Adult: SGD 35
Seniors (aged 60 and above): SGD 23

Alternatively, with the S.E.A Annual pass promotion, you can enter the Research Exhibition and the S.E.A aquarium without any hiccups all year-round from SGD40.

The S.E.A Aquarium One-day passes are as follows

Ticket Type Adult Child
(4 to 12 years old)
(60 years old & above)
General Admission
(One-Day Pass)
Singapore Residents*
(One-Day Pass)
Typhoon Theatre Admission From SGD3

8 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269
Pokemon Research Exhibition
S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa

Dates of Exhibition:
22nd October 2016 to 2 January 2017

Opening Hours:
10am to 7pm daily

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