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DIY Bespoke Rug Tufting Workshop in Singapore!

In search of a new hobby or a way to spend time with friends over the weekend? Tuft Club is Singapore’s modern take on the traditional craft of rug-making. Offering workshops using slow-made textiles for all individuals seeking to learn a new skill, the brand’s rug tufting workshop worth $195 invites guests to create their own contemporary rug or 64×64 wall-hanging piece in just 4-hours!

Receive detailed guidance on tufting, operating a tufting gun, design transferring on monk’s cloth, and tufting techniques, to create your very own bespoke piece. For a single cost, Tuft Club will provide all necessary rug-making equipment such as a tufting gun, a 70x70cm cut of monk’s cloth, 25 colours of cotton yarn or 50 colours of premium wool yarn, rug-tufting frames, fabric glue, and Oxford backing finishes.

(Image by @keelondonnel_ on Instagram)
(Image by @tuftrugzz on Instagram)
(Image by @cheriekekko on Instagram)
(Image by @folkbaroque on Instagram)

The workshop will also provide each participant with access to projectors to aid in sketching each design, and free delivery of all completed projects within 2-3 weeks. Other workshops available include the creation of bespoke tuft mirrors for the same price of $195.


Tuft Club Art Studio

Address: 57 Circular Rd, #03-01, Singapore 049412

Operating Hours: 10am-10pm, daily

Tel: 9277 7497

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